Mar.14 - Sebastian Vettel waded into yet another political storm by using a special 'No War'-themed helmet in Bahrain testing last week.

The livery was bordered by strips of tiny national flags of the countries of the globe - including one for Northern Cyprus.

Actually, Northern Cyprus is recognised only by Turkey, with the rest of the international community regarding it as part of the Republic of Cyprus.

"I didn't look at all the flags," Aston Martin driver Vettel, now regulatory outspoken on social and environmental political issues, explained.

"I've removed the sticker now because it caused some trouble," he confirmed, with reports suggesting that his livery designer apologised after Cyprus' motor racing association complained to the FIA.

"Actually, I just wanted to send the message that the world is united against war. We grew up in times of peace and now it's like a nightmare that we don't seem to wake up from," said the German.

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7 F1 Fan comments on “Vettel says 'no war' helmet caused political 'trouble'

  1. shroppyfly

    yeah if your 40 or under , hes got a point but every german over 50yr witnessed the berlin wall, as a soldier in W Germany in the eighties , we spent 2 weeks a yr, up watch towers watching the East Germans , while they did they did the same at us lol , don't get me started on Cyprus, another UN did fuckall scenario

  2. f1award

    Great Stuff Vettel, you just made watching F1 even more enjoyable knowing Russians will be squirming in their arm chairs while they watch F1 too. But knowing the way they work the pictures will be censored by FIA and Russian broadcasting corp.
    Love to see a single entire blue and yellow car.

  3. ReallyOldRacer

    Nothing wrong with VET making a peace statement. IMO, the big gaffe here was Aramco being part of the hat paint. Sandland and peace?.....hardly.

  4. Susan

    I love Vettel. He is a decent man with great character. However, having said that, I wish he and sir Lulu would stay out of politics. The world has rallied around Ukraine, and we are better for it. Putting stickers on a helmet or car or whatever, diminishes what is going on with war-torn Ukraine. For a real impact, send money. That’s what the people need. Drive Vettel, drive.


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