Apr.18 - Ferrari's boss admits he put Carlos Sainz in a "difficult situation" this year, but Frederic Vasseur defended the decision to bring Lewis Hamilton into the team for 2025 and beyond.

At recent races, Vasseur has been reluctant to speak with the media about the on-form Sainz's looming departure and the future with seven time world champion Hamilton.

But he has now told Radio France: "Hamilton's arrival is very important for the team.

"In addition to the speed, he will bring calm to the team, experience from someone who has won a lot and an impressive track record.

"We need that at Ferrari to move forward and achieve more results," Vasseur insisted. "I'm also super happy because I'm convinced that Charles and Lewis will get along well."

It's been an awkward situation for Vasseur and Charles Leclerc so far this year, as the departing Spaniard Sainz has had the edge on the sister car.

Still speaking about Hamilton's 2025 arrival in red, Vasseur said: "It will help Charles as a driver.

"Then it will not just be about performance in the car during qualifying or the race, but also about the total picture - so 365 days a year. And I think Lewis is an absolute master in this."

However, he also hails Sainz for handling the situation well, as he currently pushes to catch the front-running Red Bulls whilst also searching for a new team for 2025 and beyond.

"Since the beginning of this year, they have known how to keep playing the team game," said Vasseur, "even though Carlos is in a difficult situation.

"They did that very well in Australia," he explained. "And in Japan we also asked them to switch positions because they were on different strategies.

"That radio message lasted no longer than a quarter of a second and did not cause any discussions. We need that peace."

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