Daniel Ricciardo believes that he could have won races last season if he had a Mercedes engine, as Red Bull had one of the best chassis on the grid.

The Aussie won three times in 2014, but his Renault engine lacked power last season and he was forced to battle lower down the grid.

However, the ex-Toro Rosso driver claims that they made big improvements to the car in Hungary but the Renault engine cost them a chance of winning.

"Since Hungary, the car not only performed better, but it was easier to set up," he told AUTOSPORT.
"Our Friday evenings finished so much earlier.

"It's like 2014, it's been in that window. We either found the window or the window just expanded.

"The signs were there at Silverstone, but Budapest was really where it turned.

"I'd honestly say from Budapest, if we had a Merc in the back we would've won a few races, to say the least."

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