Daniel Ricciardo still insists he does not regret leaving Red Bull.

Some believe the Australian was nervous about the team's switch to Honda power, while others think he sensed the momentum was now with Max Verstappen.

Ricciardo told France's L'Equipe he just needed to "evolve".

"Oui!" he answered when asked if he is happy to have accepted Renault's offer, even though the opening third of the 2019 season has been difficult.

"I am happy to have changed. I needed it. I had to evolve and face new challenges.

"My years at Red Bull were fantastic but it was time for me to change."

While some think Ricciardo was concerned Verstappen was better than him, others believe the 29-year-old leapt at the chance to be the Renault 'number 1'.

"Yes, I think I have the ability for that," confirmed Ricciardo, whose new teammate is Nico Hulkenberg. "I at least wanted to try.

"In terms of results I'm not exactly where I'd like to be, but the atmosphere and the energy in the team are excellent. I just have to learn to be patient.

"F1 is a complex science that takes time. I have a contract until 2020," said Ricciardo.

"The results are a little disappointing at the moment but we are still in the building phase. I'm confident that the results will start coming before the end of the season. You can write that down," he smiled.

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