Jul.3 - Robert Kubica's sponsor Orlen is keen to keep racing in Formula 1.

When the Polish driver left Williams at the end of 2019, Kubica became reserve driver at Alfa Romeo and took his personal backer PKN Orlen with him.

Today, Orlen is still the most prominent brand on the 2021 car, and the company's boss Daniel Obajtek says he hopes that doesn't change.

"More and more, we are becoming a global company," he told the Polish portal Interia.

"But I can only express my opinion on the contract that is signed - I cannot anticipate beyond that.

"I will say this: if you invest in a global sport like Formula 1, it's about brand recognition. I would be worried if we invest in something like that for a year or two and then back out of it," Obajtek added.

However, he reiterated that there is no deal for 2022 yet.

"I do not manage this company alone," said Orlen's executive chairman.

"What happens next results from the negotiations, logic and the entire sponsorship and marketing strategy. It is therefore possible that this contract may be extended over time, and it already provides for that."

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