Dec.22 - Dr Helmut Marko has hailed AlphaTauri recruit Yuki Tsunoda's "incredible overtaking manoeuvres" as the Japanese 20-year-old steps up to Formula 1 for 2021.

Also raving about the Honda-backed driver's "attacking style" is Tsunoda himself, who said this week: "I'm confident that people who see me drive will be impressed by it".

"I'm a rookie, so for the first half of the season I want to double down on my attacking style and take it as far as I can, even if I make mistakes," he added.

However, the 5 foot 3 Japanese admits that step one for him is to get up to Formula 1 levels of fitness, after realising how difficult the category is in the Abu Dhabi test.

"At the end of the day, if I didn't rest my head against the headrest, I couldn't even lift it," Tsunoda admitted. "I'm going to have to strengthen my neck muscles in order to compete next season."

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