Dec.22 - Mick Schumacher has defended Lewis Hamilton, after Max Verstappen said recently that "90 percent" of all F1 drivers could win in the dominant Mercedes.

Schumacher suggested that when people critique the sort of sporting dominance that his own father Michael and fellow seven time world champion Hamilton enjoyed, they often "overlook things".

"When we look at champions who are very dominant during certain periods, there is often the risk that we will overlook things," the 21-year-old German told Corriere della Sera newspaper.

"For example, we often forget how much work someone has to put into it, how much energy it takes and how much talent you need to have to be able to dominate like that.

"This discussion applies to Lewis Hamilton as well as to my father," Schumacher insisted. "There is nothing obvious about having a lot of success. We only ever see the tip of the iceberg that sticks out above the water and not what is underneath it."

The new Formula 2 champion says he is not feeling any extra burden because of his famous surname as he prepares to make his F1 debut for Haas in 2021.

"I have never have a problem looking back at my father's career when people try to compare us," said Schumacher. "It actually gives me the incentive to do as much as he did. It's important to always want to do better."

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9 F1 Fan comments on “Schumacher defends Hamilton after 90 percent jibe

      • shroppyfly

        listen Mr american, keep your insults to yourself, "old "in your name suits you , stick to the usa, in future is my advice americans will never understand f1...after following your comments on here ofwhich there are many, it looks like you think you know everything.....

  1. John Mitchell

    Max would be so excited that he would lose it every time. He still has to grow up and remove the attitudes he has inherited from his father and also his team managers bombastic attitudes.

    • Fair truth

      Ahhh geez, please spare me the free Doctor Phil therapy sessions.! In Formula One there is only winning, did you not see the movie? Everybody wants his preferred driver to be perfect while all the others are flawed one way or the other., meanwhile the only thing that matters is who wins and what we are seeing now is that a CAR wins...

    • shroppyfly

      if i may , id think the statement came from Haas pr department,, when the races start and success or failure appears we will then get to hear the real voice of MS junior


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