The public can attend Niki Lauda's funeral next Wednesday.

German-language reports say it will take place at the gothic St Stephen's Cathedral in the F1 legend's native Vienna. After the closed casket is displayed until midday, a public requiem will take place.

The 70-year-old's family will attend a separate private funeral and burial. The Austrian news platform Heute reported that the family turned down the city of Vienna's offer of a grave of honour.

"The front part of the cathedral is reserved for the family and relatives. In the back of the cathedral, the public can also take part in the requiem," said Pastor Toni Faber.

Osterreich newspaper claims Lauda will be buried at Vienna's central cemetery, where his mother also lays.

It is believed Toto Wolff, Lewis Hamilton and even Arnold Schwarzenegger could attend the funeral.

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