Antonio Giovinazzi says he has set his sights on a Ferrari race seat for 2021.

Sebastian Vettel's contract runs out at the end of the year, and Ferrari junior and current Alfa Romeo racer Giovinazzi, who is Italian, does not hide that he is eyeing that seat.

"I am aware that this will be an important year for me and I am not hiding that I want a place at Ferrari," he told Italy's Sky Sport 24.

"It has been my dream since my passion began, and it's nice to be among the candidates for that seat.

"Now it's up to me to do the best season, get results and then conquer that possibility."

Currently, amid the coronavirus crisis, 26-year-old Giovinazzi is at home.

"I am continuing to train at home, eating well and waiting for the start of the championship, even if we do not know when that will be. But I will not stop and I stay in touch with the team," said the Alfa Romeo driver.

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