DRS, the 'drag reduction system' which helps overtaking in F1, looks set to remain on the cars even after 2021.

That is despite the fact that the newly leaked 'India' ground-effect concept car for 2021 is designed to radically improve natural overtaking chances.

"I think we can keep that (DRS) in our pocket," F1 sporting director Ross Brawn said recently.

"My hope is that the cars will develop to the point that we don't need it anymore, but in the near future that will not happen," he added.

F1 made changes to the front wing rules for 2019 to improve overtaking, but this weekend in Bahrain, the FIA has added a third DRS overtaking zone.

Marcus Ericsson, who moved to Indycar for 2019 after losing his Sauber seat, said he is "not sure" that is the right move.

"One of the great things I've found in Indycar is the fact that we don't have DRS but there are so many more proper wheel to wheel fights on track.

"You don't wait for a DRS zone to overtake, you just go for it when you get the chance," the Swede added.

However, Indycar is considerably slower than F1. Last weekend, as Indycar raced on the US grand prix circuit in Texas, the best pace was 14 seconds slower than Lewis Hamilton's 2018 pole.

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