Since 1950, Formula 1 has given its fans an unparalleled level of entertainment, drama, action and enjoyment. In 2020, the sport is celebrating 70 years of existence and it is a joy to inform you that CAR Magazine will provide you with unique features in its February issue.

CAR Magazine is a phenom in terms of its content and they are working towards giving the Formula 1 community —and car lovers in general— an amazing opportunity to commemorate the pinnacle of motorsport's 70th anniversary. CAR Magazine gives you reviews of the best car in the current market and upcoming machinery and its features too.

Milestones always provide the chance to look back and see how the sport has been shaped since its first day of World Championship racing. On the 13th of May of 1950 at Silverstone, it all began for Formula 1 with the British Grand Prix. Last year, F1 celebrated its 1000th race at Shanghai and the great tradition to celebrate the sport's history continues with the commemoration of its 70th year on the upcoming season.

In its February issue, on sale on Wednesday, January 15, CAR magazine celebrates 70 years of Formula 1 with an amazing 16-page article full of incredible photography and awesome cars. CAR has chosen a car to represent each decade of the sport and brought these seven machines together for one unforgettable photoshoot. From a featherweight Lotus through a turbo Williams to a hybrid Mercedes-AMG, it’s quite a collection. If you love Formula 1, you don’t want to miss this issue! Get your issue here.

Getting to see old school cars paired along with some of the greatest modern machines cannot get much better. For Formula 1 fans who are eager to see the historical racing cars that paved the way for the worldwide monster that the sport represents today, this magazine is the one to look for.

Do not miss the chance to find out what cars are featured in the February issue of CAR Magazine. Will McLaren-Honda's stellar MP4/4 be there? Or did another car from the glorious 1980s took the place as the most beautiful and glamorous machine of that era? There is only one way to know.

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