Jul.31 - Esteban Ocon is still finding his feet at Renault after a year out of the sport.

That is the view of former McLaren boss Eric Boullier, who is now a leading official of the French Grand Prix.

When asked by Ouest France to comment on fellow Frenchman Ocon's return to F1 this year, Boullier answered: "It was perhaps a little mixed.

"I think he hasn't had every opportunity yet. Or he couldn't grab them, anyway."

Boullier added: "But I'm not worried. There is no real problem. First he must find his place in the team, and then Renault must make the material available to him that allows him to express himself without having to be on the defensive."

As for 23-year-old Ocon's podium hope, Boullier said: "It's every driver's dream, so I wish that for him."

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