Former F1 driver & team boss Gerhard Berger

Gerhard Berger is unsure Mercedes' Nico Rosberg has the "killer instinct" to be world champion.

In the wake of the 'Multi-21' affair, where reigning triple world champion Sebastian Vettel laid bare his ruthlessness, former McLaren and Ferrari driver Berger compared the German with other F1 greats like Schumacher and Senna.

The Austrian wonders if Rosberg is made of the same stuff.

"Nico Rosberg is one of the best drivers in formula one," Berger told Der Spiegel.

"Whether he can be the best, he hasn't been able to prove because he's been lacking the car.

"If Rosberg had been driving a Red Bull, for sure he would have a lot of wins," added Berger.

But he thinks the difference between a Vettel and a Rosberg is something like Malaysia.

Three weeks ago at Sepang, Vettel ignored Red Bull's instruction to stay behind his teammate Mark Webber. Faced with a similar order issued by Mercedes, Rosberg obliged, duly following Lewis Hamilton to the chequered flag.

"I would have hoped Nico would have more killer instinct," said Berger.

"It is in fact not only just about the car, whether you win or not," he explained.

"Who wants to be world champion, has to be selfish. It's a rule as old as formula one itself."

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