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Report: Force India 'B' car failed crash test

May 22 - The debut of Force India's much-needed 'B' car in Austria is now in doubt. Earlier, the struggling Silverstone based team's 2015..

22 May 2015

Rain ruins second practice session

Lewis Hamilton was the fastest driver in free practice two, but the majority of the session was lost to rain as teams geared up for..

21 May 2015

Massa wants more test freedom in F1

May 14 - Felipe Massa would prefer if teams were given more freedom to decide their in-season testing plans. For cost reasons, there are..

14 May 2015

Ferrari criticised for Barcelona test lineup

May 12 - The only team missing from the post-race Barcelona test this week is Manor. "There is nothing to test," Britain's Times newspaper..

12 May 2015

Wolff admits to Sutil blow

Test driver Susie Wolff has admitted that she suffered a major blow when Williams announced that Adrian Sutil was to become their reserve..

6 May 2015

Alonso mystery rolls on as Melbourne practice begins

As the cars begin to roar in Melbourne, the uncertainty about Fernando Alonso's return to action at McLaren-Honda remain. The Spaniard..

13 Mar 2015

FIA still investigating Alonso F1 crash

The FIA is still investigating Fernando Alonso's mysterious Barcelona testing crash last month. The Spanish driver is sitting out Melbourne..

12 Mar 2015

Briatore wants McLaren & FIA to explain Alonso crash

Fernando Alonso's mentor Flavio Briatore has revealed the Spanish driver's mysterious testing crash was "very strange". McLaren-Honda's..

10 Mar 2015

Electric shock theory will not go away

Now just days before the start of the season, the now-rampant doubts about Fernando Alonso's mysterious testing crash will not go away...

9 Mar 2015

Report: Vettel footage key to Alonso mystery

The theory Fernando Alonso was already unconscious before he crashed in Barcelona two weeks ago is growing stronger by the hour. Italy's La..

8 Mar 2015

McLaren & Alonso hit back at 'creative' crash F1 rumours

Fernando Alonso and McLaren have hit back at reports about the severity of the Spanish driver's memory loss. Spain's El Pais newspaper had..

7 Mar 2015

Alonso thought he was 13 after Barcelona F1 crash

Fernando Alonso's most striking symptom after crashing in Barcelona eleven days ago was a total loss of memory. The Spanish daily El Pais..

5 Mar 2015

Teams threatening boycott over Alonso F1 crash

F1 teams are threatening to boycott unless clearer information about Fernando Alonso's mysterious testing crash is revealed. That is the..

5 Mar 2015

Williams expect Ferrari “scrap”

Williams are expecting a close battle with Ferrari this season, after the two teams impressed in pre-season. Williams kept their cards..

4 Mar 2015

Lotus aim to beat Williams this season

Lotus technical director Nick Chester has revealed that the team’s aim is to catch and beat Williams this season. Lotus had a woeful 2014..

4 Mar 2015

Former F1 driver says Alonso took '600 watt hit'

Officially, a gust of wind blew Fernando Alonso off the track on February 22, resulting in a concussion that has sidelined him for..

4 Mar 2015

Brundle questions 'very strange' Alonso saga

The world of F1 has been split down the middle by the Fernando Alonso crash saga. In one camp are those who back the official story,..

4 Mar 2015

Tambay: Doctors 'wise' to sideline Alonso

Fernando Alonso says he can "understand" why he has been sidelined for the Australian grand prix. McLaren on Tuesday announced that, on the..

4 Mar 2015

McLaren: 'Healthy' Alonso to miss Melbourne opener

Fernando Alonso will sit out next weekend's Australian grand prix. McLaren announced the news on Tuesday, despite insisting the Spaniard..

3 Mar 2015

Alonso entourage suspects F1 car failure

A second week has begun with the saga surrounding Fernando Alonso's testing crash still high in the headlines. The most important issue, of..

2 Mar 2015

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