Jul.22 - The life of an F1 driver must be amazing, mustn’t it? Lots of driving fast cars, travelling to exotic locations, and having their pictures taken with celebrities. However, they can’t be on the racetrack with cameras pointing at them all the time. They need to take a break as well as any other professional. So, what exactly do F1 drivers do to relax?


This is a great way for F1 drivers to relax. Whether they are playing the slots at an online casino or trying their hand at Fortnite, they will need to keep their minds and reactions sharp for gaming in much the same way as they will on the racetrack. This is a good way for them to stay mentally focused and concentrated on the task at hand while still relaxing and taking time out from their everyday lives.

Visiting a Spa

F1 racing takes a lot out of the drivers both physically and mentally. Not only do they need to focus for a couple of hours at a time, but they also put strain on their arms, legs, and necks during a race. All that adrenaline also causes cardiovascular stress, so they need to have incredible fitness and stamina to win races. To relax, many of them visit the local spa for a sports massage as this helps them to keep their muscles supple as well as giving them a chance to relax.


Yoga is a very popular way for F1 drivers to relax. It helps them to unwind and clear their minds which allows them to stay relaxed and focused on the racetrack too. Yoga is a fantastic way to stretch aching muscles and push the flow of oxygen around the body too. It lets them remain supple, which they need for racing, and gives them a great workout too.

Visiting Friends

As with any profession, there are times when they just need to forget about racing and enjoy themselves. Of course, their lives are much more controlled in terms of what they eat and drink than other professionals. They need to eat the best diet they can to remain fit and healthy enough to race and alcohol is totally off-limits. That doesn’t stop them from catching up with friends they have made both on and off the circuit to chat about racing or talk about other things entirely if they need to take a break from talking shop. They enjoy going to the movies or playing sports with their friends or simply catching up over a healthy dinner.


Many F1 drivers enjoy reading as this takes their mind off the sport and they can find themselves being transported into a different world entirely. It also helps them to keep their minds sharp and active which will help them on the racetrack.

F1 drivers have many diverse hobbies but many of these are things that will allow them to improve their ability to race as well as helping them to relax.

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