Sauber boss Monisha Kaltenborn has poured doubt over the team’s chances of scoring points next season.

The Swiss team failed to score any in 2014, but came back strongly this year to finish with 36 points.

However, money has always been a problem for the team and Kalterborn thinks that the added investment gained by their rivals will hurt them.

“You should never underestimate anyone – we saw last year, that one race where things go wrong, look where you end up,” she said.

“We have with Manor coming with a new tie-up [with Mercedes]. We have a new team [Haas] coming, which we learn from media has had extensive co-operation with another team [Ferrari].

“So, it is going to be very tough to score a point. I think you really will have to do that on your own, because a lot will have to go wrong [further up the field] if you’re just there [at the end] to get the point.”

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