Feb.6 - Nyck de Vries says he is relieved to put a legal dispute behind him ahead of his full Formula 1 race debut in 2023.

In January, it emerged that the AlphaTauri rookie was being sued by his former Formula 2 backer Joroen Schothorst, who alleges a EUR 250,000 loan deal involved de Vries paying him half of his F1 contracts.

An Amsterdam court ruled on the matter last Friday.

De Vries faces legal dispute ahead of full F1 debut

Nyck de Vries meets the press during the 2022 F1 Grand Prix of Japan

According to De Telegraaf newspaper, the judge ruled against Schothorst's allegations, including the claim that fellow Dutchman de Vries needed to disclose the details of all his contracts.

In the summary proceedings, the judge added that de Vries had fulfilled his payment obligations to the real estate businessman - and that Schothorst and his investment company would have to pay all legal costs.

"I fulfilled all my obligations to Investrand under the loan agreement and have always provided him with all information to which he was entitled under the loan agreement," de Vries, 28, said in a subsequent statement.

"The fact that the judge ruled in my favour was therefore in line with my expectations. Hopefully the wind will die down now and I can focus on preparing for the Formula 1 season."

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