May 23 - Monaco, arguably the most unique and famous of all Formula 1 races, is the latest European event under pressure to remain on the annual calendar.

With Liberty Media receiving big-money offers from potential non-European venues, and yet reluctant to expand the calendar beyond 24 races, many existing events - like Monza, Imola, Barcelona and others - are at risk of losing their F1 status.

Even Monaco is not sacrosanct, according to Bloomberg.

"Liberty Media ... is seeking additional funds from the principality of Monaco as part of advanced talks for a new contract to extend the historic car race beyond 2025," the financial news agency reports.

Once upon a time, Monaco didn't even pay an annual race fee, although Bloomberg claims the event is now charged $20 million a year - the lowest of all current promoters.

Monaco's current contract runs only until next year, and under the new terms, the event lost the right to organise its own TV coverage and other perks, like the fact that the first day of practice used to be on a Thursday.

Bloomberg continued: "A spokesperson for Formula 1 declined to comment on the current talks, but said the company is not considering pulling out of Monaco."

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4 F1 Fan comments on “Monaco Grand Prix Faces Liberty Media's Financial Squeeze Again

  1. Jere Jyrälä

    Monza, Imola, Spa, Zandvoort, & Montmelo may be under threat, but I'm sure Monaco will once again remain, albeit iirc, practice day changing from Thursday to Friday already happened before the current deal, & they've always paid a modest hosting fee even in the distant past, which I understood at any point.

  2. Les

    For mine if it is about exciting racing then Monaco should go.
    Fans were complaining about the race at Imola until the last 10 laps and that only came about because of tyres.
    Monaco is all about Saturday qualifying, the race is just follow the leader because the cars have outgrown the track. If you want a race about "glamour" location then Monaco stays and accept the racing is boring or you drop Monaco and go elsewhere where the racing can be exciting

  3. Rea

    Monaco is no longer the event it used to be. It had the Glamour, Fashion, A listers, and exciting races at the track, whereas now, most of the glamour has gone, as has the racing. It is a procession, and, even though I am an avid fan of F1, I record Monaco, and speed through the race, looking for some actual action. Sadly, the cars have outgrown the circuit, and aside from the Royal Family presenting the trophy, it has nothing to offer in excitement as an event.

  4. smokey

    Monaco's "best used by date" passed decades ago, when the cars became too wide to allow passing on track. It is the shortest, slowest and most boring race on the calendar. It's only purpose now is so that the so-called celebrities can be seen, which is lost on me because apart from the F1 circus participants and the truly famous people, I have no idea who those on camera are that are being entertained by the F1 teams! Little knowns trying to get free publicity!
    Let's bin Monaco and and recognise it as a legendary circuit of the past, just like Reims.


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