Apr.14 - Just 20 days ahead of Formula 1's return to Miami, the street circuit is under water.

Social media images show people walking knee-deep through water in the paddock of the Miami International Autodrome.

A year ago, drivers were already scathing of the condition of the asphalt surface, with Fernando Alonso describing the off-line grip as "not F1 standard".

Now, nearby Fort Lauderdale has even declared a state of emergency after historic rainfall - with more rain predicted to fall across South Florida in coming days.

Formula 1 or Miami race officials are yet to comment.

Last year, Sebastian Vettel caused a stir by walking into the Miami paddock with a climate change-inspired t-shirt reading: "Miami 2060: First Grand Prix under water".

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16 F1 Fan comments on “Miami F1 race in jeopardy as flooding worsens in South Florida

  1. ReallyOldRacer

    Hey, maybe they can make their dippy fake 'marina' viewing area the real thing. At least something about that farce venue would be real. Let Newey design a water jet propulsion system, put up Manatee warning signs and have a go.

  2. shroppyfly

    Ahhhhh short and to the point Ror as always ,

    Now Leopold whats happening with the comments they aren't updating on the news items, at least on my screen....!

    • ReallyOldRacer

      Shrop', I am also not getting email notifications when there is a comment related to one of my posts. I queried Leopold but got no reply. Do you have the same problem w/email?

      • shroppyfly

        Ror, yes no email notifications about comments left , as we used to get, , my specific query was relating to the (Last 50 F1 Comments ) section, it doesn't seem to have been updated since 12th April, As for comments we leave yes they are being added to posts, and Leopold is still about , he left a comment recently, , the email notifications were good though, has Leopold took a part-time job working for Louise?, maybe his minds on other things ?

  3. Johnboy

    Mother Nature fighting back for all the abuse we have foisted on her

    Climate change is a reality and we worry about the financial side of F1

    Shame on us

    • BigSkyBob

      Climates has changed for billions of years. The world was once covered in ice, and, the world was once quite hot. In the last million years, glaciation has occurred due to global cooling. "Climate change" is a both obvious, and, deceptively inaccurate. Florida, and, the most of US east coast has been subsiding into the sea for some time at a rate twice greater than sea levels are rising. When I was younger, I was told that we were facing a global cooling crisis. Then I was told I was facing global warming. When the global warming theory failed empirically due to a lack of temperature rises for decades, it was morphed into "climate change" to hide the wild inaccuracies of the theory. Still, the bullshit claims that we will all die of overheating, or drowning, persist. It is a political position wrapped in a veneer of scientific necessity. But, there is simply no there, there, in the scientific necessity part.

  4. Susan

    Well maybe Maimi wasn’t a good choice. Hurricane season will be approaching. Just like during Typhoon season.
    Any where there are extreme weather possibilities, not a good choice for f1.

  5. shroppyfly

    Leopold , can you check for glitches on the site , we don't seem to get the email notifications anymore, and the ( last 50 comments section) doesn't seem to update.

    Thanks in advance
    Joss V


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