Oct.28 - The collaboration between Mercedes and Aston Martin is being expanded.

For months, there has been speculation that Mercedes' F1 team boss Toto Wolff, who is already an Aston Martin shareholder, is getting fascinatingly close to Racing Point owner Lawrence Stroll.

Stroll plans to rebrand the Silverstone based team as Aston Martin for 2021.

So it is highly notable that Mercedes-Benz has agreed a deal to supply technology to Aston Martin in exchange for up to 20 percent of the Stroll-owned carmaker.

Currently, Mercedes' stake in Aston Martin is 2.6 percent.

"With this new expanded partnership we will be able to provide Aston Martin with access to new cutting-edge technologies and components," said Wolf-Dieter Kurz, Mercedes' product strategy chief.

The deal will not include the exchange of cash.

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