Sep.22 - Toto Wolff has reintroduced the idea of adding a third car to each Formula 1 team's pit garage.

Currently, the sport's reserve bench is bustling with talent who are struggling to enter Formula 1 due to the lack of vacant cockpits.

Mercedes' Formula E champion Nyck de Vries is one such name, but the roster of Ferrari and Alpine's respective junior academies are also full - and it's a similar story elsewhere.

The fear is that all of that talent might be forced to abandon Formula 1 and instead target careers in Formula E, Indycars, world sports cars and the like.

Mercedes team boss Wolff thinks one solution would be a third car per team.

"We could use a third car and have to put a rookie in there," he is quoted by the German sources RTL and Eurosport.

"All of a sudden you would have a starting grid with 30 cars," Wolff added.

However, Williams team boss Jost Capito is less enthusiastic about the proposal.

"We can't just increase to 30 cars now," he said. "That wouldn't work.

"Going from two to three cars seems simple but it's incredibly difficult. That's 50 percent more," Capito insisted.

"I don't know how that could be achieved with 22 or 23 races per year."

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7 F1 Fan comments on “Mercedes team boss wants 30 cars on the F1 grid again

  1. Rider18

    If some teams are prepared to fork out the extra cost and resources for a 3rd car then let them. The grid has been too thin for so long now, maybe not 30 but we need to get back to 26 cars at least.

  2. Rulon Black

    A option to be considered would change the F1 17 lap race for pole position to a race involving F2 drivers racing for a spot in the final field with pole position based on qualfying times with the top 2 getting a opportunity to race in the F1 race.


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