Jun.19 - Dr Helmut Marko has confirmed that world champion Lewis Hamilton apologised for this week's media misunderstanding.

The Mercedes driver had slammed the top Red Bull official after Marko was quoted as suggesting Hamilton was "distracted" by the Black Lives Matter movement.

The comments attributed to Marko, however, were false.

Marko said Red Bull is now considering legal action against the website that published them.

"If it was up to me, I wouldn't do anything," Marko, 77, told Auto Bild. "We live in a time when madness should not be fought with more madness.

"But since Red Bull Racing was mentioned, the British are examining whether to take legal action against the website. It is no longer in my hands," said the Austrian.

As for Hamilton, though, Marko said he considers the matter to be closed.

"Lewis is just committed - that's a good thing," he said.

"He apologised to me and that's the end of it."

F1's authorities, on the other hand, are standing firmly behind Hamilton's latest push into political matters, including Spanish bullfighting, the destruction of statues, and even Belgian colonialism.

"I have the greatest respect for Lewis Hamilton and his work on social media," FIA president Jean Todt is quoted by Speed Week.

And Yath Gangakumaran, Formula 1's Director of strategy, added: "What Lewis has done helps us to accelerate the changes we want to see in Formula 1.

"Gone are the days when an athlete could hide behind his sport."

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11 F1 Fan comments on “Marko: Hamilton apologised for misunderstanding

  1. G S Carroll

    With all that is going on with protests world wide, Hamilton reacted to what “He was lead to believe was a slam but in fact was false so he apologized what’s the big deal ?

  2. Stephen

    Helmut's comments were false. Yet Lewis quickly swallowed the bait and had to apologize. Lewis, you are a great driver, but you need to verify data before acting on it, whether in this episode or in the car.

  3. Carol

    Politics is EVERYWHERE, you cannot avoid it, and we are all participants in one way or another. Taking a Knee is now international and makes the point. Bubba Wallace made a point in NASCAR. We all need to speak for what we stand for.

  4. Stephen

    Covid has pent up our desire to see racing. And instead, we have this. I personally prefer Kimi’s no-nonsense approach to the sport. He understands, unlike Lewis, who thinks he is a celebrity and a racing driver. Kim I just wants to race. I admire his focus.

  5. Alan

    There is pent up frustration everywhere, not helped by "Trolls" posting misleading comments. Everyone on the internet needs to THINK before they speak their minds. Misunderstanding leads to grief!


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