Jun.26 - Renault is in talks with a private investment firm about selling a "minority" share in the Formula 1 team Alpine.

Alpine CEO Laurent Rossi caused major waves recently when he hit out at the Enstone and Viry-based team's questionable progress in 2023.

And now, Bloomberg claims team owner Renault is in talks with RedBird, a New York-based company whose partial Alpine acquisition could be made public in the UK as early as Monday.

Citing sources who are "familiar with the matter", Bloomberg said RedBird already owns "several European soccer teams" and would be involved in helping Alpine with "key revenue-generating activities" including media and sponsorship.

RedBird reportedly also has ownership stakes in the Boston Red Sox and led a more than $1 billion buyout of the top football club Ac Milan last year.

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2 F1 Fan comments on “Alpine F1 Team set for game-changing partnership with RedBird

  1. shroppyfly

    Extremely small vote of confidence in Alpine f1 team -with the Bod selling a chunk of it off-- spinning it to say it will allow investment, Yeah investment Renault werent prepared to make themselves, its not Oems we gotta worry about its Vulture capitalists owning big chunks of the grid, Mcl, Alpine, Williams


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