Fernando Alonso has criticised Lewis Hamilton for his latest social media postings.

On the cusp of his sixth drivers' title, Hamilton caused a stir last week when he said he feels like "giving up" because people "don't care about the environment".

The Mercedes driver added that becoming vegan is the "only way to truly save our planet".

When asked about Hamilton's comments, former F1 driver Alonso told Cadena Cope: "I think I would keep my eating habits to myself."

The Spaniard was speaking as he launched a new collection of his Kimoa fashion label, with all profits directed to a charity concerned with ocean pollution.

He added: "I would never release a message like Lewis'. You can't send out a message on one day, and on the next day do the opposite.

"We all know the lifestyle that Lewis has, and that Formula 1 drivers take 200 planes a year. You can't then say 'don't eat meat'," Alonso charged.

As for his new clothing line, Alonso said the sweatshirts are made from recycled plastic bottles.

"I believe that donating in full or doing the auction we are doing brings much more than anything we can say," the two-time world champion said.

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One F1 fan comment on “Alonso criticises Hamilton on 'save our planet' posts

  1. Alex Angell

    For me Fernando Alonso it doesn't matter that Alonso he is only two times world champ will remain the greatest F1 race driver, greatest world champ and world champ and F1 race driver with the greatest personality. In this line of great personality are the next F1 drivers and champs JB, Nige Mansell, Dimond Hill and Jacques Villeneuve. It is impossible you to take 200 flights with private jets and to try to staiy in line with a 18 years old girl with not finished character and vision for the world. We don't know life profile of Hamilton but from the moment when he tried to become owner of sports dresses collection he lost something from his personality. I agree with Alonso that everybody has to keep their eating habits for themselves and not to generate from their style of life and eating profile banner over the raising track of F1. In other case they become like this 18 years girl Greta Thunberg. Everybody who is making from life style activism for me is trying to reach cheep popularity. I never forgot that Hitler from 1937 become vegetarian and always was joking with people who eat meat!!!


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