Nov.20 - Lewis Hamilton should be careful with his political activism to avoid accusations of hypocrisy, according to former F1 driver Christijan Albers.

New seven time world champion Hamilton has been fiercely outspoken in 2020 on issues including Black Lives Matter.

"When you are an athlete, expressing your opinion about certain things is quite dangerous because it will be difficult for you to live up to them," Dutchman Albers told De Telegraaf.

"For example, if you talk about the environment, you might end up on the same list as Leonardo DiCaprio, who flies from America and back in a private jet.

"Hamilton defends human rights through Black Lives Matter, but he then supports the race in Saudi Arabia, which is also being criticised for human rights.

"It is impossible to say simply that this is a beautiful country when the whole world knows exactly what is going on there," Albers, who raced 46 times in F1 until 2007, added.

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8 F1 Fan comments on “Albers: Hamilton's political activism 'dangerous'

  1. David Perkins

    I totally agree with Albers,Hamilton needs to tread very carefully and be able to step up to the mark when it comes to human rights. He can't be a professional and be branded hypocrite .

  2. John Mitchell

    I think Lewis is at the very top of F1 and I am a great fan. However I cringe when he promotes BLM and try to miss the time when drivers line up for the official opening of an F1 race. BLM is a Marxist organisation which appeared out of the USA and look what a great democracy that is turning into. Keep it in the USA. Give it a rest Lewis it is demeaning to the rest of your character.

  3. ReallyOldRacer

    You posters are all full of crap. I am not a HAM fan and I root against him, but he is a great racer. That is why we fans watch F1. If he wants to mouth off, so what? How is that any different than us? Give the polirap a rest. You are all quite boring. This is a racing site.

  4. Mark Harris

    BLM has nothing to do with Black Lives but rather it is a self described Marxist revolutionary organization bent on the destruction of Western culture in particular the US. Publicly supporting an organization bent on the dissolution of the nuclear family was ill advised and has alienated many. Supporting Marxist terrorists does not add to the fan base.


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