May 23 - Here you can read the transcripts about what the drivers and teams said over the the radio after crossing the finish line at the 2022 Spanish Formula 1 Grand Prix:

Post-race Radio conversation race winner Max Verstappen:

  • Gianpiero Lambiase (Verstappen's engineer):
    "Whaaow, sometimes you got to do it the hard way! Well done Max."
  • Max Verstappen:
    "Not an easy start of the race, but we turned it around in the end, so very good job also for the team, really good result and also thank you to Checo...he's ahh, great teammate."
  • Christian Horner (Red Bull Racing team boss):
    "Well done Mate, very sorry about that DRS today, I know we made life a bit difficult for you, but you had great pace and ehh...Yeah great recovery after that moment at turn 4, sowa, great 1-2 for the team!"

Post-race Radio conversation runner-up Sergio Pérez:

  • Perez' engineer: "Thank you for everything in that race."
  • Perez: "I'm happy for the team, but we need to speak later"
  • Engineer: "Yeah"

Post-race Radio conversation driver of the day Lewis Hamilton:

  • Toto Wolff (Mercedes team boss):
    "Sorry for the temperatures at the end. That was an amazing race, amazing race. You were the quickest car out, probably best race time, a...would have gone for the win, so amazing!"
  • Lewis Hamilton (finished 5th):
    "Great work guys! Really happy with that result. This is really positive for us all guys, thank you so much for continue to push. These improvements really worked this weekend, lets keep pushing guys, thank you!"
  • James Vowles (Mercedes chief strategist):
    "Hi Lewis, really, really strong drive today, you were the fastest man on track and we've got a lot of potential going forward."
  • Wolff: "Lewis you were 50 seconds behind Verstappen at the start, your 40 behind him now."
  • Lewis: "Is the engine ok?"
  • Peter Bonnington (Hamilton's engineer):
    "We'll have to have a look. We think so. Yeah, yeah It was a bit drastic at the end, I'm afraid, but it was needed."

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3 F1 Fan comments on “2022 Spanish F1 GP Post-Finish Radio Transcripts

  1. ReallyOldRacer

    Re the MB comments. Lewie finished 5th, 2 places behind Georgie Boy. You'd think he just locked up the WDC. Good drive?, yes, but ALO, PER, RUS and even NOR were more deserving of DOTD honors.


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