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Boullier: No sign of 'dark and moody' Alonso

F1 ay 23 - Eric Boullier has laughed off claims he breathed a sigh of relief on Wednesday. It was on that day that Lewis Hamilton signed..

23 May 2015

Prost: Hamilton contract a blow for Rosberg

May 22 - Lewis Hamilton's new contract is a psychological blow to Nico Rosberg. That is the view of F1 legend Alain Prost. Earlier this..

22 May 2015

Wolff: 'Every top team' eyeing Bottas

May 20 - Every top team has its eye on Valtteri Bottas. That is the claim of Toto Wolff, who is not only the team boss at world champions..

20 May 2015

Audi not interested in F1 'problems'

May 19 - Audi has taken a step back from speculation it is contemplating a foray in formula one. Off the back of the ever-burgeoning..

19 May 2015

Bottas: Ferrari not only attractive team

May 18 - Valtteri Bottas has played down talk of an impending switch to Ferrari, by insisting driving for other teams in F1 is also..

18 May 2015

Report: Fifth engine rejected

Formula 1 teams will not be allowed to use a fifth engine without receiving a penalty this season, according to reports. Each driver is..

15 May 2015

Audi foray discussed by Strategy Group

May 15 - It is believed a potential F1 foray for the Volkswagen Group was discussed on Thursday during the high-profile Strategy Group..

15 May 2015

Toro Rosso plays down Renault team takeover

May 14 - Toro Rosso chief Franz Tost has played down the chances of a team takeover by Renault. Earlier this year, at the height of Red..

14 May 2015

Hakkinen: Managers want Bottas to be champion

May 14 - Mika Hakkinen says he does not want to add more fuel to the rumours surrounding Valtteri Bottas. In Barcelona, the Williams driver..

14 May 2015

Michelin pushing for F1 return

May 13 - Michelin has confirmed its interest in returning to formula one. Italy's Autosprint reported that the former F1 tyre supplier..

14 May 2015

Massa: Ferrari rumours 'too early' for Bottas

May 11 All the talk about Valtteri Bottas' future has come "too early". That is the view of Felipe Massa, the former long-time Ferrari..

11 May 2015

Ricciardo not committing to Red Bull yet

May 11 - Daniel Ricciardo is not yet committing to the increasingly crisis-struck Red Bull beyond 2015. In Barcelona, rumours that the..

11 May 2015

'Fuel flow story' puts Ferrari on back foot

May 11 The Hamilton versus Rosberg show is back on, according to Mercedes chief Toto Wolff after the Spanish grand prix. Team chairman Niki..

11 May 2015

Ferrari picks successor for ousted Rivola

May 9 Ferrari has already nominated a replacement for its absent-in-Barcelona sporting director Massimo Rivola. Earlier reports said..

10 May 2015

Lauda hears rumours of cars with 'extra tank'

May 10 The issue of 'fuel flow' has returned to the formula one paddock. A few races ago, we reported that the FIA was clamping down on..

10 May 2015

Audi admits 'looking at' F1 project

Audi appears to have taken a step closer to formula one. Mere days ago, constant rumours that the Volkswagen brand is considering a grand..

8 May 2015

Ricciardo cool on struggling Kvyat's contribution

May 8 In the space of four races, Daniil Kvyat has gone from rising sensation to arguable liability. Outspoken 1997 world champion Jacques..

8 May 2015

Bottas plays down Ferrari F1 rumours

Valtteri Bottas on Thursday tried to play down rumours he is shaping up as a Ferrari driver of the future. The Williams driver denied the..

7 May 2015

Briatore: Mercedes does not want to dominate

Flavio Briatore claims Mercedes actually has no desire to dominate the 2015 season. The controversial former Renault chief told Italian..

5 May 2015

Lauda now targets Monaco for Hamilton contract

The Lewis Hamilton contract saga looks set to continue throughout yet another race weekend or two. The reigning world champion's repeatedly..

5 May 2015

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