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F1 decides on 'halo' for 2017

May 28 - F1 cars will reportedly be fitted with a further development of the 'halo' cockpit protection system in 2017. Germany's Auto Motor..

28 May 2016

Report: Just 2 engines per driver by 2019

May 25 - F1's long-life engine rules will get more than twice as arduous for manufacturers beyond 2019. A few weeks ago, after a long..

25 May 2016

F1 serious about engine 'convergence'

May 13 - F1's governing body on Friday said it is serious about 'performance convergence' when it comes to the engines in F1. When asked..

14 May 2016

McLaren on track for clash with FIA over engines

May 14 - McLaren-Honda could be shaping up to clash with F1's governing body over the new engine regulations. Fabrice Lom, the FIA's engine..

14 May 2016

Massa opposed to visor tear-off ban

May 13 - Felipe Massa says he does not support the FIA's forthcoming ban on discarding helmet visor tear-offs on the track. Actually, the..

13 May 2016

McLaren denies Dennis to challenge new FIA rule

May 7 - McLaren has played down reports team supremo Ron Dennis is furious about a new engine rule in formula one. We reported this week..

8 May 2016

Boullier: McLaren happy with 2017 rule changes

May 4 - One team happy with the new rules for 2017 is McLaren-Honda, according to its boss Eric Boullier. Many drivers and some teams, like..

4 May 2016

Marko: Wolff 'afraid' of 2017 rule changes

Apr.21 - Dr Helmut Marko has slammed a "paranoid" Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff for trying to spoil F1's charge towards faster cars for..

21 Apr 2016

Ever-changing rules hang over F1

Mar.21 - Amid a thrilling Mercedes versus Ferrari battle for victory in Melbourne, the spectre of ever-changing rules continued to hang..

21 Mar 2016

F1 to revert to 2015 qualifying format for Bahrain

Mar.20 - F1 will revert to the qualifying system of 2015 at the next race in Bahrain, after the farcical debut of the new 'musical chairs'..

20 Mar 2016

Bosses call for new qualifying to be scrapped

Mar.19 - Leading figures in formula one are calling on the sport to scrap the new 'musical chairs' qualifying format after the woeful..

20 Mar 2016

FIA: 'Halo' decision must be made soon

Mar.11 - Time is running short for F1 to introduce better cockpit protection for 2017. The FIA is pushing to put the controversial 'halo'..

11 Mar 2016

Ecclestone & FIA confirm 'musical chairs' qualifying

Mar.5 - F1's governing body as well as Bernie Ecclestone on Friday confirmed that the 'musical chairs'-style qualifying is going ahead in..

5 Mar 2016

'Flop' qualifying shakeup may not happen

Feb.29 - F1's new 'musical chairs' qualifying format may not happen at all in 2016. Earlier, the changes touted to mix up the grid were..

29 Feb 2016

No 'musical chairs' qualifying in Melbourne

Feb.27 - F1's new 'musical chairs' qualifying format has hit a roadblock. Bernie Ecclestone told F1 business journalist Christian Sylt that..

28 Feb 2016

Hamilton: 'Driver of the day' initiative pointless

Feb.26 - Lewis Hamilton has launched another attack on the latest rule changes in formula one. Earlier this week, the reigning triple world..

26 Feb 2016

New 2016 Mercedes F1 exhaust explained!

Head of Mercedes AMG High Performance Powertrains Andy Cowell explains what’s different about the 2016 Mercedes F1 tailpipe and wastegate..

25 Feb 2016

Paddock divided over 'musical chairs' qualifying

Feb.25 - Paddock opinion at the Barcelona test has been divided in two, after the FIA confirmed that the F1 Commission in Geneva..

25 Feb 2016

Hamilton slams moves to make F1 cars heavier

Feb.25 - Reigning world champion Lewis Hamilton has slammed F1's proposed car 'revolution' for 2017. Although the final vote has been..

25 Feb 2016

Lauda: Qualifying tweak 'good move' for F1

Feb.24 - Niki Lauda has shown the thumbs-up to F1's impending change to the qualifying format for 2016. At meetings in Geneva on Tuesday,..

24 Feb 2016

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  • Daniel Ricciardo (19%, 149 Votes)
  • Nico Rosberg (19%, 143 Votes)
  • Sebastian Vettel (8%, 65 Votes)
  • Kimi Raikkonen (6%, 44 Votes)
  • Felipe Massa (1%, 7 Votes)
  • Valterri Bottas (1%, 6 Votes)

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