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Rumours of three-car teams return to F1 paddock

Sep.27 - The spectre of three cars per team in formula one has raised its head in the Suzuka paddock, as Red Bull inches closer to quitting..

27 Sep 2015

Two-tier engine caps & wind tunnel bans may never fire

Sep.19 - The engines may never fire on two cost-cutting proposals that have leaked out of this week's strategy group meeting. The first..

19 Sep 2015

Penalties for illegal tyre pressures still unclear

Sep.19 - After the FIA and Pirelli moved to clear up the tyre pressure controversy, it still is not clear whether drivers might be..

19 Sep 2015

Official slams 'stupid' F1 penalty system

Sep.9 - A Russian motor racing official has hit out at "stupid" penalties that are affecting drivers at today's grands prix. The spate of..

11 Sep 2015

Hamilton win in doubt over illegal tyre pressure

Sep.6 - Lewis Hamilton's Monza win has fallen under a dark cloud. In the closing laps of the Italian grand prix, the Briton was told by his..

7 Sep 2015

Pirelli set to announce tyre usage clampdown

Sep.3 - Pirelli on Thursday is poised to announce stricter guidelines regarding the use of its tyres by formula one teams ahead of the..

3 Sep 2015

Whiting: Honda exploited 'good faith' of penalty cap

Aug.28 - Charlie Whiting has admitted the new rule scrapping in-race penalties was exploited by McLaren-Honda last weekend in Belgium...

28 Aug 2015

Ecclestone: Race start changes 'step in right direction'

Aug.20 - F1's clampdown on assisted race starts is a step in the right direction, according to Bernie Ecclestone. The F1 supremo, openly no..

22 Aug 2015

All eyes on new race start rules at Spa

Aug.19 - A big talking point at Spa this weekend will be the FIA's new rules regarding race starts. The mid-season change has divided..

19 Aug 2015

Clampdown means drivers 'more dependent on team' - Verstappen

Aug.18 - Max Verstappen has delivered a sobering message for those expecting drivers to have more control over their race starts at Spa...

18 Aug 2015

Vettel no fan of F1 'fuel saving'

Aug.18 - Sebastian Vettel has admitted he is no fan of having to save fuel during grands prix. The Ferrari driver, who counts himself among..

18 Aug 2015

Report: Teams critical of race-start clampdown

Aug.11 - F1 engineers are concerned that the FIA's mid-season clampdown on race start procedures has not been properly thought through...

11 Aug 2015

F1 scraps in-season testing for 2016

Jul.22 - F1 has scrapped in-season testing for 2016, Italy's La Gazzetta dello Sport reports. And in June, the German magazine Auto Motor..

22 Jul 2015

Grosjean doubts Spa clampdown will 'improve show'

Jul.14 - Romain Grosjean is not sure the forthcoming 'driver aids' clampdown from August's Belgian grand prix will be a game changer...

14 Jul 2015

Lauda: Put 'everything' under rule-change microscope

Jul.13 - Things are starting to look up in formula one, according to legend Niki Lauda. It has been a period of immense criticism and..

13 Jul 2015

Zehnder: 'Sprint qualifying' would change nothing

Jul.8 - 'Sprint race qualifying' is not the answer for formula one. That is the view of Beat Zehnder, Sauber's highly experienced team..

9 Jul 2015

Wolff sure F1 will agree 2017 reforms

Jul.8 - Toto Wolff is confident F1 will ultimately adopt a much faster formula for 2017. The sport has collectively agreed that the cars of..

8 Jul 2015

Not quite 'free choice' for tyres in 2016

Jul.8 - Pirelli has ruled out giving teams 'free choice' on their selection of tyre compounds for 2016. The measure had been proposed by..

8 Jul 2015

Fan survey 'too late' for immediate impact

Jul.7 - The fan survey commissioned by F1 drivers may have come 'too late' to make an immediate difference. But Alex Wurz, the president of..

7 Jul 2015

Massa defends radio instructions in F1

Jul.1 - Felipe Massa has defended the radio instructions given to today's formula one drivers. As the sport analyses what is turning off..

1 Jul 2015

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