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Ferrari 'fine' with FIA's Haas ruling

Nov.30 - Maurizio Arrivabene says Ferrari is "fine" with the FIA's ruling about technical alliances in formula one. While Mercedes never..

30 Nov 2015

Pirelli: No testing & no tyres for 2017 rules

Nov.27 - Pirelli is waiting on support from the rest of the F1 paddock before confirming how it will proceed in F1 beyond 2016. The Italian..

27 Nov 2015

F1 rejects 'client engine' proposal

Nov.25 - The F1 Commission on Tuesday rejected plans for a low-cost 'client engine' in 2017. By Monday's deadline, three independent..

25 Nov 2015

Bidders emerge as 'parallel engine' plan causes stir

Nov.23 - Up and down pitlane, and inside and outside of formula one, the sport's plans for parallel engine rules in 2017 continue to make a..

23 Nov 2015

2017 engine to be 2.5 litre twin-turbo V6

Nov.17 - Details about the specification of F1's alternative engine for 2017 have emerged. Previously, it was believed independent outfits..

17 Nov 2015

Wolff: F1 blind to 'parallel rules' problems:

Nov.16 - Toto Wolff has hit back at Bernie Ecclestone, after the F1 supremo suggested carmakers are prepared to destroy F1 for their own..

16 Nov 2015

Mika Salo backs two-day race weekend idea

Nov.11 - The idea of shortening F1's race weekend format from three to just two days of track action is gaining pace. In recent days,..

11 Nov 2015

Lauda: Mercedes agreed rule changes for 'competition'

Nov.11 - Niki Lauda thinks Ferrari is poised to mount a serious challenge to Mercedes' dominance in 2016. Although the German marque has..

11 Nov 2015

Todt: Weekend format not changing for now

Nov.5 - F1 has for now ruled out tweaking the race weekend format. As the sport looks to beef and speed up in the next couple of years,..

5 Nov 2015

Teams not keen on Ecclestone's 'client engine' plan

Oct.29 - Up and down pitlane, there is little enthusiasm for Bernie Ecclestone and the FIA's plan for a 'client engine' in formula one. F1..

29 Oct 2015

Cowell: Extra exhausts will improve F1 sound

Oct.20 - Mercedes' engine chief is confident changes to the regulations will turn up the volume for 2016. The mild tones of the sport since..

20 Oct 2015

Montoya opposed to covering cockpits

Oct.20 - Juan Pablo Montoya says he is opposed to the idea of covering the cockpits of open-wheel racing cars. Recent deaths in formula one..

20 Oct 2015

F1 to allow in-season engine development in 2016

Oct.16 - F1's struggling engine manufacturers will be able to deploy performance upgrade 'tokens' during the 2016 season. The news follows..

16 Oct 2015

Newly-published 2016 rules causing a stir

Oct.14 - F1's newly-published rules for 2016 are causing a stir on Wednesday. The first apparent anomoly in the FIA's new regulations is..

14 Oct 2015

Ecclestone: F1 will 'never' stop open cockpits

Oct.13 - Bernie Ecclestone says he does not back moves to put a cover or canopy over the drivers' heads in formula one. A spate of..

13 Oct 2015

F1 to meet to consider 'token' rule change for 2016

Oct.11 - A meeting that could result in a change to the engine development 'tokens' regulations for 2016 will take place in the coming..

11 Oct 2015

Rumours of three-car teams return to F1 paddock

Sep.27 - The spectre of three cars per team in formula one has raised its head in the Suzuka paddock, as Red Bull inches closer to quitting..

27 Sep 2015

Two-tier engine caps & wind tunnel bans may never fire

Sep.19 - The engines may never fire on two cost-cutting proposals that have leaked out of this week's strategy group meeting. The first..

19 Sep 2015

Penalties for illegal tyre pressures still unclear

Sep.19 - After the FIA and Pirelli moved to clear up the tyre pressure controversy, it still is not clear whether drivers might be..

19 Sep 2015

Official slams 'stupid' F1 penalty system

Sep.9 - A Russian motor racing official has hit out at "stupid" penalties that are affecting drivers at today's grands prix. The spate of..

11 Sep 2015

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