Red Bull’s Power Struggle: Inside the Horner-Verstappen Netflix Drama

Apr.2 – The Christian Horner scandal, and the wider Red Bull power struggle that is still playing out, will be covered in the next..

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3 Apr 2024

Steiner’s Resolve: No Quick Return to F1 Team Management

Mar.5 – Gunther Steiner insists he is in no rush to return to the world of Formula 1 team management. The sacked Haas boss admits he..

5 Mar 2024

F1 Star Russell Defends Fakery New ‘Drive To Survive’ Series

Feb.27 – George Russell has leapt to the defence of the official Formula 1 Netflix series Drive To Survive, as the newly-released..

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27 Feb 2024

Hamilton’s Mercedes Departure: Fallout from Technical Spat Unveiled?

Feb.23 – Lewis Hamilton’s decision to leave Mercedes might be traced back to technical disagreements last year. This week,..

23 Feb 2024

F1: Drive to Survive – Season 6 | Official Netflix Trailer

Drive To Survive returns to Netflix for a 6th season. Offering unprecedented access, fans are taken behind the scenes to witness first-hand..

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22 Feb 2024

F1 Fans Rejoice: ‘Drive to Survive’ Season 6 Premieres Soon!

Jan. 24 – As Formula 1 enthusiasts eagerly await the start of the 2024 F1 season, there’s electrifying news for fans craving..

24 Jan 2024

Fascinating appeal: Why does Netflix’s Drive to Survive captivate F1 fans?

Jun.12 – It may eventually not be “necessary” for Formula 1 to cooperate with producers of the officially-sanctioned..

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12 Jun 2023

Does Drive to Survive put tobacco brands in front of impressionable audience?

Mar.9 – Netflix has delivered a new, young, American and female audience to Formula 1. That is the view of Christian Horner, the Red..

9 Mar 2023

Steiner denies bullying Schumacher as F1 split turns ugly

Mar.2 – Gunther Steiner has denied “bullying” ousted Haas driver Mick Schumacher. Prior to their Formula 1 split, it was..

2 Mar 2023

Formula 1 Teams react to ‘Drive to Survive’ inaccuracies

Mar.1 – Formula 1 teams may need to wise up about how Netflix puts together the sport’s official series Drive To Survive. With..

1 Mar 2023

Ocon slams Drive to Survive’s inaccurate portrayal of his 2022 season

Feb.27 – Esteban Ocon has become the first Formula 1 driver to openly criticise the latest instalment in the sport’s official..

27 Feb 2023

Haas F1 team Boss and Mika Salo are done with Russians

Feb.20 – Mika Salo is no longer involved in Russian motorsport. The same is true for Gunther Steiner, the Haas team boss who ousted..

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20 Feb 2023

World Champion Verstappen on “true image” in Drive to Survive

Feb.10 – Max Verstappen thinks Formula 1 fans will get a “true image” of his character when the latest series of..

10 Feb 2023

Complete paddock involved in Brad Pitt’s new F1 film

Oct.23 – All teams and drivers will get involved in a feature film about Formula 1 involving Hollywood icon Brad Pitt...

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23 Oct 2022

Uncle Ralf slams Schumacher’s ‘Netflix’ F1 boss

Oct.22 – Mick Schumacher’s uncle Ralf Schumacher, has slammed Haas boss Gunther Steiner and team boss Gene Haas as the..

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22 Oct 2022

F1/America: A Steady Grown in Popularity

Formula 1 has always been a globally supported motorsport, but U.S. fans have rarely been a deciding factor or contributor to the..

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17 Jul 2022

Verstappen to appear more in this year’s F1 Netflix series

Jun.30 – Max Verstappen will appear “a little more” in the next series of the controversial yet popular official Formula..

30 Jun 2022

Alpine team boss says Netflix cameras creating drama in F1

Jun.24 – It is clear that an explosive meeting of team bosses in Montreal will be featured in the next official Netflix series about..

24 Jun 2022

Race boss credits Netflix for F1 popularity

May 9 – Formula 1’s popularity is booming – and Netflix deserves the credit. That is the view of Canadian GP Francois..

9 May 2022

VW CEO credits Netflix for F1 popularity surge

May 6 – It may be controversial, but F1’s official Netflix series Drive to Survive will keep its engines revving for now. A..

6 May 2022

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