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Tyres are a very important asset of racing and teams and drivers spend a fortune on analysing the wear of each used a used tyre. By analysing the used tyres they can learn how to get the most durability & performance out of the tyres.


The F1 Baku Blowouts – The Verdict by Peter Windsor

Peter Windsor reacts to Pirelli’s statement regarding the two spectacular tyre blowouts in Baku on the cars of Max Verstappen, who..

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17 Jun 2021

Italian press backs Pirelli over last tyre blowouts

Jun.16 – The Italian press is siding with Pirelli against teams who are reportedly finding ways to run lower tyre pressures. Formula..

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16 Jun 2021

Pirelli says Verstappen’s tyres at Baku might been too soft

Jun.14 – The analysis of Max Verstappen‘s deflated Pirelli tyre showed no signs of a manufacturing or design fault, according..

14 Jun 2021

Old F1 tyre expert questions Pirelli’s blowout debris story

Jun.8 – A well-known Formula 1 tyre expert has publicly questioned Pirelli’s explanation about the high speed tyre blowouts at..

8 Jun 2021

Verstappen’s father unhappy with Pirelli response on F1 tyre blows

Jun.7 – Max Verstappen correctly predicted Pirelli’s response to the tyre failure that cost him victory in a scary high-speed..

7 Jun 2021

Pirelli confident F1 can be exciting without tyre war

Jun.5 – Pirelli is confident that Formula 1 can be more exciting even without a ‘tyre war’. Earlier this week, well-known..

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5 Jun 2021

Mercedes cancels tyre test for next week due to budget cap

May 22 – Mercedes has pulled out of next week’s Pirelli tyre test at Paul Ricard, citing concerns about staying under the 2021..

22 May 2021

Tyre compound analysis after FP1 & FP2 in Monaco

Thursday Tyre Summary Ferrari was the team to beat in free practice, with Charles Leclerc edging out his team mate Carlos Sainz in the..

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21 May 2021

Kubica worked on next year innovation in post-race tyre test

May 12 – Alfa Romeo gave a sneak peak of a likely technical innovation for 2022 whilst testing Pirelli’s 18-inch tyres in..

12 May 2021

Hamilton says he wants to keep racing next year

Apr.30 – Lewis Hamilton is showing no sign of wanting to retire from Formula 1 at the end of 2021. At the end of troubled..

30 Apr 2021

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