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Journalist questions Hamilton’s ‘solidarity’

Aug.18 – A respected correspondent has accused Lewis Hamilton of being the one who is politically dividing the Formula 1 drivers...

18 Aug 2020

Sainz: Media should ‘stop talking about’ kneeling

Aug.7 – Charles Leclerc has lashed out at media reports and members of the public accusing him of racism. It comes after his latest..

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7 Aug 2020

Leclerc won’t kneel due to link with violence

Aug.6 – Charles Leclerc says he refuses to kneel before races due to the politicisation of racial issues, and the movement’s..

6 Aug 2020

Hamilton: Talks needed with drivers who won’t kneel

Aug.5 – “More conversations” should take place to convince drivers like Kevin Magnussen to kneel down before races,..

5 Aug 2020

Magnussen stops kneeling because of Black Lives Matter

Aug.3 – Kevin Magnussen says he has joined those who refuse to kneel before Formula 1 races because he does not support the Black..

3 Aug 2020

Climate change protesters arrested during British GP

Aug.3 – Climate change protesters broke into the Silverstone circuit prior to the start of Sunday’s British GP. They unfurled..

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3 Aug 2020

F1 tweaks track schedule for ‘take a knee’ moment

Aug.2 – Drivers have been allocated ten extra minutes so as to better organise their ‘take a knee’ moment against racism..

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2 Aug 2020

Ecclestone: F1 should not be involved in ‘racism or politics’

Jul.31 – Formula 1 should not be involved “in racism or politics in general”, according to the sport’s former chief..

31 Jul 2020

Racism & Diversity discussion fires up between ex-drivers

Jul.27 – The first black man to test a Formula 1 car has called triple world champion Sir Jackie Stewart “racist”. It..

27 Jul 2020

Todt & Ecclestone respond to Hamilton criticism

Jul.24 – FIA president Jean Todt says he wants to keep “political debate” out of Formula 1. Last week, Lewis Hamilton..

24 Jul 2020

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