Jun.13 - Mercedes is playing "the usual political game" by pushing for rule changes to end the phenomenon of so-called porpoising in F1's new ground effect era.

Lewis Hamilton was in visible back pain after Sunday's Azerbaijan GP - but not everyone was convinced.

"He sees the camera, and then starts walking away with his hand on his back," said well-known Dutch commentator Olav Mol on Ziggo Sport.

"He wanted everything to see that because they want the FIA to change something, because they say it is too dangerous. That's what they are trying to achieve."

Mercedes boss Toto Wolff says seven time world champion is in "bad shape" after Baku, adding that there is "definitely" a question about whether he will be fit for Montreal this weekend.

"We can see that it is not muscular, it goes deep into the spine," said the Austrian. "The solution is to have someone on reserve, which we do at any race."

Behind the scenes last weekend, Formula 1 teams met to discuss potential rule changes designed to stop porpoising - as did the Grand Prix Drivers' Association.

"Even us," said George Russell, referring to the collective group of F1 drivers. "I think we voted against it."

"We want change but who knows what that change is," Hamilton's teammate added. "Nobody's looking to take advantage of this, we're just looking for a safer, easier solution."

AlphaTauri's Pierre Gasly agreed: "We discussed the problem at the drivers' meeting. I hope the FIA finds a solution, because we don't want to be walking with a stick at the age of 30."

But even Red Bull team boss Christian Horner suspects that Mercedes may be playing a political game.

"If we had difficulties like they have, I would tell the riders to swear as much as possible on the radio too. This is part of the game," he said.

As for the drivers' meeting, Wolff claims: "All the drivers agreed that this is a problem except for one - Alonso."

According to 1997 world champion Jacques Villeneuve, a solution is already available for Mercedes - it's just that implementing it will make the team even slower.

"I understand their concerns but there is a solution for Mercedes," he told the Dutch publication Formule 1. "Raise the car's ride height.

"Nobody is forcing them to run so low, but Wolff's call to change the rules is, in my opinion, nothing more than the usual political game in Formula 1," said Villeneuve.

"Mercedes will do anything to get closer to Red Bull and Ferrari, just as they wanted to change as little as possible in recent years."

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7 F1 Fan comments on “Mercedes team boss questions Hamilton will be fit before next GP

  1. CanadianEh

    M-B is engaged in their usual sand-bagging. A number of notables have said raising the ride-height will alleviate the contact with the track - but it'll make the car slower. Hence M-B want the rules changed.

    A broad spectrum of Team Principles and commentators have noted the obvious: the cars are now heavier and larger than ever before, and the aero-rules allowing for close turbulence-free driving have, to a degree, negated the benefits of the DRS system. That's one thing.

    Three other issues are spoiling F1:
    - The politicizing of the sport - against FIA rules - has really muddied the waters;
    - Dame Lucille's preferential treatment regarding wearing bling and constantly being called he GOAT - which he is not; and
    - Turning F1 into a circus, a Hollywood Movie.

    I pine for the "good old days" where is was just racing.

  2. shroppyfly

    "We can see that it is not muscular, it goes deep into the spine," said the Austrian. "The solution is to have someone on reserve, which we do at any race."

    I know Toto has a Micky mouse Dr title but I dont think hes medically qualified to make a diagnosis like that, but heh maybe he is, as for having someone on standby, does he mean a lawyer like last yr incase of a protest?

  3. Les

    A lot of people have different opinions about why HAM apparently suffered more than RUS in the the merc car bottoming in Baku.
    Just for a laugh let me suggest a possible reason. Maybe HAM has a skinny little arse with less cushioning wheras RUS has a bigger arse with more cushioning.
    Having said that I believe HAM was acting about being so sore. If it was that sore he would have had to stop the car. He shouldn't take up acting as his next venture he sucks at it.

  4. shroppyfly

    And there it is again this apparent fascination with all things to do with bottoms, I cant understand it lol

    Anyway course Hammy was acting , ok im not saying it doesn't hurt some, and love it , he definitely should not take up acting, except maybe the play the part of Mr T in the new A team movie, but Toto was turned down for the role of Hannibal, because his plans just aren't coming together lol .

    And finally whats this new Fia directive thats coming out, about the cars, who will it help , and who will it slow down?


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