Jul.19 - Aston Martin wants Sebastian Vettel to consult with the team prior to launching surprise environmental campaigns at Formula 1 races.

The quadruple world champion has been taking widespread criticism as well as praise for his new-found cultural, social and environmental activism.

In Canada, the local energy minister slammed Vettel, 35, for speaking out so stridently about oil sands mining whilst being sponsored by Saudi Aramco.

"Everyone has their opinion about it," Aston Martin team boss Mike Krack told Sport1.

"I don't think you can muzzle top, intelligent athletes and I think it's not fair to criticise him for his commitment. What happened in Canada was the best example of this.

"But as a team representative, what I would like is that Sebastian works even more closely with us on his actions and talks to us about them beforehand. Together we can achieve more," the German added.

Some believe the clash between Vettel's environmentalism and his job as an Aston Martin and Aramco ambassador explain the delay in negotiations over a new contract for 2023.

Krack insists the team is not putting pressure on the German.

"We have a very good relationship with Sebastian, so we don't want to set a deadline. He knows our opinion," he said.

"He knows we really want to continue with him. There are talks in which we fundamentally exchange ideas about how we can imagine a future together, and we're taking our time with that.

"Sure, there comes a point where you have to make a decision, but I don't have the feeling that he's stalling for time.

"I think after the summer break is the time when we can and must be more specific. Until then, we don't have a plan B," Krack added.

Vettel's protege and friend Mick Schumacher has been mentioned as one possible 'plan B', but Krack said he is not ready to consider that.

"We're not talking about potential successors," he insisted. "Neither with him nor with others.

"We want Sebastian to stay with us."

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7 F1 Fan comments on “Aston Martin would like Vettel to share his activism with team

  1. Gas Guzzler

    Crude oil and natural gas are naturally occurring, organic and renewable sources of energy. Climate activism is about political fearmongering and hyperbole, not science. Sound familiar? It should.

    Green is the new red.

  2. Matthew Yacoub

    A world where we have talk but no action Seb has talked but also done action really shows ignorance of people where we should praise Seb yet people do opposite yes I know that Seb drives but he has changed many stuff outside F1 using a bike or train if can not have too use car recycling and for years asked for more bins in paddock but in space of 6 months managed to use sustainable fuel to power a 1992 V10 Williams where F1 itself has taken years too get even close

    • Donalf

      No, no, no mathew, you have it all wrong of course we all care, worry, stress about what is going on in the world we have sir David Attenborough, Greta Thunbeerg charitys, save the donkeys,save the elephants, dog's, cats, rain forests, children yes save the world and God knows how much more and most of the people on f1 fansite probably donate to them you got it wrong when you say we are ignorant to what's going on in the world but do you really feel the need to bring it all to f1, & f1 fansite their all doing a great job mate but "give us a break"

      • Matthew Yacoub

        Bringing it too F1 is perfect because millions of people who love these drivers will listen too them over a politician because no one care what they say

        • CanadianEh

          You are presenting an hollow argument: "No-one believe politician's because no-one cares what they say. While adoring fans will listen to their F1 idol's." F1 drivers that criticize F1's environmental impact are HYPOCRITES. Can you not see that? "I make millions of dollars a year driving a massively polluting race car, but damn it, it's so wrong!!" So I ask you, what makes them ANY better than the hated politician?

  3. smokey

    For Seb it's a two edged sword. He is on one hand competing in and promoting motor racing at the highest level, contributing to the so called "global warming" pandemic. On the other hand he is in a position to help develop technologies and "vaccines" that will help reduce the global carbon footprint. He has a foot in each camp! Go for it Seb! But be careful not to cut your nose off to spite your face!


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