F1 grid girls

Politician wants grid girls on Dutch GP grid

A Dutch parliamentarian wants grid girls to be on the Zandvoort grid next year. Early last year, F1 owner Liberty Media controversially..

13 Jun 2019

Driver with fastest lap to get point in 2019

Liberty Media is contemplating a significant rule change for 2019. Roger Benoit, a veteran correspondent for the Swiss newspaper Blick,..

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8 Mar 2019

Russia hopes for grid girls return in 2019

Organisers of the Russian grand prix negotiated with Liberty Media in order to dodge the F1 owners’ new-in-2018 ban on ‘grid..

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15 Oct 2018

Now Singapore ignoring F1 ‘grid girls’ ban

Singapore has joined a growing list of grand prix hosts who are sidestepping F1’s ‘grid girls’ ban. Organisers in Austria..

10 Sep 2018

Russian organisers to ignor grid girls ban?

Jul.22 – Organisers of the Russian grand prix are considering ignoring F1’s ‘grid girls’ ban. The Sochi round takes..

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22 Jul 2018

Mateschitz: No grid girls ‘a puppet show’

Jun.27 – They may not be on the grid, but there will be ‘girls’ in Austria this weekend. Dietrich Mateschitz, the Red..

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27 Jun 2018

Russia pressing ahead with ‘grid girls’ plan

Apr.10 – The promoter of the Russian grand prix says he is determined to find a way around F1’s new ‘grid girl’..

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10 Apr 2018

Hamilton: Grid girl comeback comment ‘a joke’

Apr.9 – Lewis Hamilton has backtracked after enthusiastically hailing the return of F1 ‘grid girls’. Despite new F1 owner..

9 Apr 2018

Monaco & Russia to ignore ‘grid girl’ ban

Apr.6 – Monaco and Russia look set to buck the trend and bring ‘grid girls’ back to formula one. Before the 2018 season..

6 Apr 2018

Mateschitz prepared to ‘let Ricciardo go’

Mar.22 – Red Bull‘s chassis and drivers can do the rest if its Renault engine is within half a second of Mercedes this year...

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22 Mar 2018

Lauda: Mercedes leads by only two tenths

Mar.21 – Niki Lauda thinks Mercedes‘ advantage over its rivals is as small as two tenths. In Barcelona testing, the reigning..

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21 Mar 2018

Todt: Grid girl controversy ‘nonsense’

Mar.7 – Jean Todt has counted himself out of the debate about ‘grid girls’. F1 owner Liberty Media has banned them,..

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7 Mar 2018

Wolff worried about Liberty Media changes

Feb.23 – Toto Wolff has admitted he is worried about some of the most recent changes in formula one. Recently, Mercedes and Ferrari..

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23 Feb 2018

Weber: Liberty risks making F1 ‘Mickey Mouse series’

Feb.21 – Michael Schumacher‘s former manager is worried Liberty Media risks turning formula one into “a Mickey Mouse..

21 Feb 2018

German GP boss says grid kids ‘a nice idea’

Feb.12 – A German grand prix boss says he is not opposed to the ‘grid kids’ idea. Controversially, new F1 owner Liberty..

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12 Feb 2018

Hulkenberg: Grid girl ban ‘step backwards’

Feb.9 – Nico Hulkenberg has joined the chorus of those who do not agree that banning grid girls is a step forwards for F1. In fact,..

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9 Feb 2018

Carey: F1 will still feature ‘pretty girls’

Feb.9 – Chase Carey has revealed he was not opposed to the concept of F1 ‘grid girls’. The sport’s new owner..

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Gasly: Grid girl ban ‘a shame’

Feb.8 – Pierre Gasly has added yet another voice to concerns about F1’s ‘grid girls’ ban. France’s Auto Hebdo..

8 Feb 2018

Ramirez: Grid girl ban is ‘discrimination’

Feb.7 – Former McLaren team coordinator Jo Ramirez has slammed Liberty Media’s decision to ban grid girls. Throughout the 80s..

7 Feb 2018

Ecclestone: Liberty ‘doing everything wrong’

Feb.5 – Former F1 supremo Bernie Ecclestone has lashed out at the sport’s new owners Liberty Media. The 87-year-old said last..

5 Feb 2018

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