Nov.11 - Multiple Formula 1 teams are missing key equipment after a logistics delay in the few days between the Mexican and Brazilian grand prix.

Some, including Fernando Alonso, have questioned the wisdom of the current international 'triple header' of races across continents and timezones as F1 dashes from Mexico to Brazil and then Qatar next weekend.

"It's on the limit for them," he said last weekend, referring to team staff. "We have to find better solutions for the calendar."

In Brazil, however, the main challenge has turned out to be a logistical one, which affected the swift passage of two chartered flights.

According to De Telegraaf, the flight delays mean key equipment needed for the operation of the teams is not now scheduled to touch down in Sao Paulo until Thursday.

"There were delays in the departure of the cargo from Mexico on Monday due to weather conditions, which means that some of the cargo has yet to arrive in Brazil," a spokesperson for Formula 1 confirmed.

"We expect this to arrive on Thursday without having a major impact on the race weekend."

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One F1 fan comment on “Triple header leaves F1 teams without equipment after flight delays

  1. Jere Jyrälä

    Keeping the previously scheduled USA-Mexico-Brazil triple & placing Qatar on the weekend before SA was an option & would’ve been even if Brazil stayed on UK’s Red List, but this alternative option got chosen anyway. Fortunately, COTA & Mexico not running on consecutive weekends was always only going to be a one-off thing rather than become a norm. Brazil will form a double-header with Abu Dhabi (like in 2010), though, but a non-issue since no other Middle Eastern round is in late-season.


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