Jan.7 - The Grand Prix visitors have various perceptions of the quality of service at the Grand Prix championship. Some may have different motives for attending the event. The important thing is to determine the extent to which they are satisfied after attending the event.

The F1 race may be a lifetime experience as it allows visitors to watch the race on a street circuit and enjoy extra fun activities. A research study conducted provided an analysis of visitor satisfaction after attending the event. The findings revealed as follows.

Event coverage

The Grand Prix event is long term and takes place in a larger area, unlike other events. The event can be considered “mega” based on transformative impact, cost, and visitor attractiveness. The three-day event has many practices and qualifying sessions that happen before the race begins.

The attendees expressed a high level of satisfaction due to the unique nature of this sporting event. They can have a fun experience for an extended period as they take days off work.

Professional research

Research shows that 97% of the attendees expressed a high level of satisfaction and positive experience, while 73% termed the event as “very enjoyable.” Due to the diversity of the area, visitors can enjoy brilliant things such as walking along the tracks and viewing the amazing corners after the race. As a student, you can think of collating the data from various research and reports in one comprehensive report, which can come out as a brilliant paper or an essay. The task is certainly not easy but with research paper service Edubirdie, you can get professional help. Scholars and academicians have been using this service effectively and it can certainly provide you also valuable help.

Overall experience

Many visitors consider the Grand Prix experience as “unforgettable”. People walk for miles every year to attend the event based on the previous reviews from their peers. There are some amazing things such as walking along with the mad dash to the podium. The majority of the visitors who attended the event at the time of the research desired to come back again and gave positive reviews.

The fans enjoy sprinting when the gates are open and see the drivers coming out as they spray champagne. Many people wish that the event can be more open to funs. The Liberty media is doing everything possible to ensure that they improve the visitors’ experience further.

Sensor technology at Formula 1

Spectators need 'patience' before returning to F1 tracks

Lewis Hamilton fans in a grand stand during the British GP at Silverstone on July 11, 2019 in Silverstone, United Kingdom. (Photo by Mark Sutton / LAT Images)

To understand the behavior of spectators, Formula 1 is adopting the latest sensor technology. The sensors operate by collecting signals from devices that are Wi-Fi enabled to continually send messages that can detect available networks. The messages are then picked by the sensors. The signal strength, distance, and time parameters are used to detect the presence or absence of Wi-Fi enabled devices and measure customer behavior. 34 sensors are already installed in the main Grandstand.

Research shows that 50% of the visitors tended to remain in the area that they initially spotted and the rest moved around. The findings indicate that retail outlets are needed in various locations. Visitors should also be encouraged to walk around the circuit and explore the events taking place.

The F1 findings triggered the development of the Grand Fix app to pass the necessary information to visitors during the event. This level of automation has improved visitor’s satisfaction over the years. As mentioned previously in the article, the paper writing service for British scholars by Uk.EduBirdie can help you in achieving great results if you plan to write a paper around this topic. The love for this sport is known to everyone and presenting them with a solid paper will be a great idea. It is sure to impress your teachers and boost grades.


Great Britain, Brazil, and Mexico recorded the highest level of event enjoyment at 82%, 84%, and 84%, respectively. The enjoyment was driven by the action on the track and other amazing activities at the fun zone, including the Pit stop challenge. Many visitors enjoyed attending concerts after the main event.

0ther enjoyment drivers include an understanding of the nature of the event, the ability to follow actions taking place at the main track. People can also use the giant screens and F1 app effectively, not forgetting the food and drinks and the quality of signage and event information. Formula one recorded more than 4 million fans, which was a significant improvement from the previous year. The event attendees enjoy the race over the weekends and the organizers are determined to ensure the continuity of enjoyment.


The Grand Prix spectator research program has enabled visitors to have an exceptional race experience. The F1 continues to implement recommendations given by the fans to improve satisfaction. Many fans enjoy the diversity of the race and they appreciate the amazing activities they can enjoy after the main event. The recent sensor technology that led to the establishment of the F1 app may certainly help to improve fan and enjoyment.

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  1. Richard

    What a load of Bolloks! I have attended many races over the years and they are all without exception overpriced with poor facilities & poor hygiene, mainly catering for the elite and people with loads of cash to waste. The true fans that save there hard earned are treated like second class citazens and exploited. Where do they get these results of surveys from?


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