Mercedes will run the risk of a protest by using the controversial new steering system DAS in Melbourne this weekend.

Amid the unfolding coronavirus crisis, Red Bull's top F1 official Dr Helmut Marko has warned that if the reigning champions use DAS at Albert Park, "we will protest".

But Mercedes boss Toto Wolff is undeterred.

"Anyone can protest," he told Osterreich newspaper.

"We presented our system in detail and got the green light from the FIA.

"I think we got a very robust technical explanation from them, otherwise we wouldn't have it on the car now," Wolff said in Melbourne.

However, it is believed Mercedes is not alone in questioning the legality of the system.

"We have thought about what it does and how, and I think that like most people, we've analysed the video and, honestly, we don't know what it does," said Renault sporting director Alan Permane.

Last year, Ferrari questioned the legality of Mercedes' wheel rims, and amid the threat of protest, Wolff decided to remove them from the silver car.

But this is different, according to Mercedes.

A team source told Auto Motor und Sport: "At the time, we couldn't afford a protest because we basically had the championship in our pocket.

"But this time we still have to win it."

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