Apr.22 - A judge has given the green light for next month's inaugural grand prix in Miami to go ahead.

We reported this week that a group of residents filed a last-minute lawsuit to stop the event from going ahead on the grounds of "intolerable" noise levels.

Miami-Dad Circuit Court judge Alan Fine ruled on Wednesday that he will not hear an injunction hearing before the race is held because evidence about the potential for hearing damage was "highly speculative".

"It is not based on any current Formula 1 noise information," he said.

Judge Fine admitted that the residents could press ahead with their case after the event is raced on May 9.

"I think it's important to have an objective measure of what the decibels actually are that would be affecting a plaintiff," he said.

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One F1 fan comment on “Judge says first Miami F1 GP can go ahead

  1. Shroppyfly

    Wow that's a surprise, I really thought the judge would rule for the residents.....
    NOT...!!! Noise pollution..lol wasn't like that in tubbs and crockets time


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