Although retired from formula one, Fernando Alonso says he is busier than ever.

Just hours ago, the Spaniard and 2018 Le Mans winner also won the Daytona 24 hour race. Later this year, he will once again vie for Indy 500 victory, and he has been linked with a Dakar rally tilt for 2020.

According to some, the 37-year-old two-time champion only quit F1 because he could not secure a cockpit more competitive than his at the once-great McLaren team.

Alonso says he needed other challenges.

"I have more to do this year than 12 months ago," he insists.

"Of course it will be stressful for those in formula one as soon as the season starts. But I have not had a single month off this month, and in February the tests with (Le Mans team) Toyota start again.

"The Indy programme will also start, so I will be very, very busy until June."

McLaren boss Zak Brown has also invited Alonso to be involved with the Woking based team if he wants to.

Brown said: "I think his influence is positive and he's very welcome. He is useful both for me and for our engineers and drivers."

Alonso said: "I did not expect this busy schedule.

"People ask me what life is like without formula one and my answer is 'Maybe I'll come back to the F1 paddock to rest a little'."

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7 F1 Fan comments on “Alonso eyes F1 paddock return for 'rest'

  1. Simon Saivil

    There is one F1 programme. One prima donna, Lewis Hamilton, is enough. Alonso is better off staying away for the time being. Formula 1 is too small for two of them.

  2. Margaret Lockley

    I do not think ALONSO will come back to f1. as other f1 drivers who leave and then come back it's a total different ball game. good luck to Fernando in what ever he dose in life.

  3. Jim Doire

    The very same thing happened to me when I laid out why Lance Stroll had no business in F1. It was a direct answer, which facts and no speculation. But it still was removed. I think every driver in F1 is high maintenance but maybe we have a different idea of what a prima donna is. I've never seen either one of them park a running race car, quit a race because they were not winning it or sabotage their own team for the sake of their own ego. Can a F1 driver be a jerk, of course they can be. Seriously, and I LOVE THE GUY, Kimi is the biggest prima donna out there with his lousy communication with the press. Kimi is one of my all time favorite drivers and personalities of the sport but his "difficulty" with the press could be described as him being a prima donna.

    I'll check your google searches out though.


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