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Wolff: Hamilton right to be 'angry'

May 24 - Lewis Hamilton is right to be "angry" after Mercedes cost him the Monaco win. That was the admission of team boss Toto Wolff after..

25 May 2015

Wolff: Fifth engine rule not in place yet

There is still no agreement on the introduction of a fifth engine per driver in 2015. Dismayed that the strict allocation of just four..

13 Apr 2015

Wolff: Mercedes to re-think 'fair play' strategies

The big question after Malaysia is: has Ferrari really caught Mercedes? After Sebastian Vettel's breakthrough win in red on Sunday,..

31 Mar 2015

Wolff reveals Hamilton bought Ferrari supercar

Lewis Hamilton has had contact with Ferrari, Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff has admitted. Paddock rumours in Australia suggested that, as he..

19 Mar 2015

Wolff hits out at wind tunnel ban proposal

Mercedes has hit out at Red Bull's suggestion that wind tunnels should be banned from formula one. As smaller teams struggle for survival,..

12 Mar 2015

Wolff says F1 'shark tank' alive and well

F1 as a ruthless 'shark tank' is alive and well, according to Toto Wolff. The Mercedes chief, however, undoubtedly plays the role of one of..

3 Mar 2015

Wolff wants new Hamilton F1 contract before Melbourne

Toto Wolff has admitted he would like to agree a new deal with world champion Lewis Hamilton before the season begins. The Briton remains..

11 Feb 2015

Wolff not expecting driver 'harmony' in 2015

Toto Wolff is not expecting the current mood of peace between Mercedes' drivers to last. Last year, the relationship between teammates..

3 Feb 2015

Wolff: Mercedes not expecting 2014 domination

Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff is not expecting another season of utter domination in 2015. The German team destroyed its rivals in 2014..

29 Jan 2015

Wolff: Alonso 'an alternative & not a priority'

Talks to renew world champion Lewis Hamilton's contract are finally looming, Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff has announced. The British..

28 Jan 2015

Wolff injures knee in training fall

Toto Wolff is recovering from yet another injury, it has emerged in the Austrian media. Last summer, the Mercedes team boss returned to the..

22 Jan 2015

Toto: Surname has harmed Susie Wolff's career

Toto Wolff thinks his relationship with wife Susie has actually harmed rather than helped the Williams test driver's career. Formerly Susie..

8 Jan 2015

Wolff: Prost advice helped prevent Mercedes 'war'

Alain Prost gave Mercedes crucial advice early this year to help avoid a repeat of his troubled pairing with Ayrton Senna in the late 80s...

17 Dec 2014

Wolff: Spa crash was turning-point for Rosberg defeat

The Belgian grand prix in August was the turning point of Nico Rosberg's ill-fated 2014 championship campaign. There, at..

4 Dec 2014

Wolff doubts F1 will lose more teams

Toto Wolff thinks there is little danger the F1 grid will fall below 18 cars for the 2015 season. Backmarkers Caterham and..

2 Dec 2014

Wolff: New deal with F1 champ Hamilton may take time

With Lewis Hamilton now a double world champion, Mercedes has vowed to waste no time in signing him up for the future. Officials for the..

24 Nov 2014

Wolff eyeing Hamilton F1 contract talks on Monday

Mercedes has scheduled urgent contractual talks with Lewis Hamilton, as the team looks to keep its dominant pairing together beyond 2015...

17 Nov 2014

Wolff: Mercedes working hard on 2015 Mercedes W06 F1 car

Mercedes is already hard at work on the championship-winning 2014 car's successor. "The departments have already changed over," said team..

15 Oct 2014

Wolff admits champion Mercedes seen as 'bad guy'

Despite having the constructors' title already in the bag, Toto Wolff has admitted Mercedes is playing the role of "the bad guy" in F1 at..

13 Oct 2014

Wolff: FIA should rethink 'nightmare' radio clampdown

Toto Wolff thinks Sunday's Singapore grand prix proved F1 needs to rethink its new clampdown on radio communications. Ultimately, a..

24 Sep 2014

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