Conor Moore takes on the Steiner exit...

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6 F1 Fan comments on “Guenther Steiner SACKED!!!!!!!!!

  1. Johnboy

    Another character lost to F1

    The grey people are taking over with their boring rhetoric and lack of speaking their minds so they won't be castigated

    F1 is becoming a nanny sport

    How I long for the days of real people not scared to be controversial providing us with fun and telling how they really feel about the FIA and their bosses

  2. shroppyfly

    Ahhh one less character for Conor, I think Gunther prefers the term contract not renewed to sacked , but lets be honest He was sacked, with the teams now spending less money than ever, its gotton more commercial strangely and as Jb above says, the days when you could speak your mind were better .but thats life roll on 24 season about 6 weeks now

  3. f1award

    Nothing to do with the swearing and coming out with the odd contentious statement, we can all do that. He lost his job due to the fact he was just not good enough!

  4. Susan

    That was a tough act. Haas wanted a successful team on the cheap.not possible in today’s world. Hope for the best for Steiner. Was quite the character.

    • shroppyfly

      I agree to a certain degree, 22 and esp 23 showed how close at least in quali th cars all haas were missing was 3-4 tenths thats not Minardi or Fortek pace, id say more than money, they need better engineers to fix the cars tyre wrecking problem, and if not better engineers then at least solve that problem , then i think even with lets say out dated facilities, which all ive heard of sofar is pitt wall, car parks and hospitality, that isnt computers or cnc machines, But heh who knows , i wish Haas well this year and, if as being boasted by Merc they can improve the car , then so can Haas


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