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In the Pit Lane: Place Your Bets

About Garry Sloan

A passionate Formula 1 fan with a curious and often cynical mind. I have used my investigative talents and forensic analysis to explore the world of F1. "In the pit lane - F1 exposed" is my first book in the series which I hope will spark discussion and maybe positive changes within F1.

In the Pit Lane: Place Your Bets

Back in the day when F1 was run by the sport's ringmaster Bernie Ecclestone betting was a dirty word with Ecclestone believing the gambling..

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22 Oct 2021

In the Pit Lane - Liberty Media spoilt for choice

As the global pandemic continues to create havoc with the 2021 race calendar Liberty Media continues to look forward. Liberty has an..

10 Aug 2021

In the Pit Lane – Lando Norris bucks the trend

Lando Norris continues his impressive season with a podium in Austria leaving his expensive teammate Daniel Ricciardo scratching his head...

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6 Jul 2021

Nicholas Todt plays the long game

The ‘who is going where’ silly season starts early with all sorts of speculation on F1’s game of musical chairs. Heavily involved are..

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2 Jun 2021

In the pitlane - Amazon, Apple & Disney have competition

The recently published Nielsen Sports’ report found interest in F1 was driven by younger audiences galvanised by F1’s social media,..

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6 May 2021

In the pitlane - Keeping the show on the road

The season continues with Imola providing a spectacle but F1 remains vulnerable to the effects COVID-19 may inflict. Stefano Domenicali..

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21 Apr 2021

In the Pitlane - Is Lawrence Stroll cash strapped?

News broke last month that Lawrence Stroll was selling his Canadian racetrack Le Circuit Mont-Tremblant. Stroll has owned the circuit which..

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13 Apr 2021

In the pitlane - Control Alt Delete

In the Covid -19 world sports sponsorship has taken a pounding with a 23% contraction in the European sponsorship market. New research from..

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7 Apr 2021

In the Pit Lane – 2021 Optimism Required

The 2021 season gets underway with a cracker but with it, all the uncertainty off the track in the Covid-19 world remains. Liberty Media..

30 Mar 2021

In the pitlane - The question remains who owns Williams F1?

Back in August 2020, the F1 world learned that the historic and much-loved Williams team had been sold to American private investment..

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25 Mar 2021

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