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In the pitlane - Amazon, Apple & Disney have competition

About Garry Sloan

A passionate Formula 1 fan with a curious and often cynical mind. I have used my investigative talents and forensic analysis to explore the world of F1. "In the pit lane - F1 exposed" is my first book in the series which I hope will spark discussion and maybe positive changes within F1.

In the pitlane - Amazon, Apple & Disney have competition

The recently published Nielsen Sports’ report found interest in F1 was driven by younger audiences galvanised by F1’s social media,..

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6 May 2021

In the pitlane - Keeping the show on the road

The season continues with Imola providing a spectacle but F1 remains vulnerable to the effects COVID-19 may inflict. Stefano Domenicali..

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21 Apr 2021

In the Pitlane - Is Lawrence Stroll cash strapped?

News broke last month that Lawrence Stroll was selling his Canadian racetrack Le Circuit Mont-Tremblant. Stroll has owned the circuit which..

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13 Apr 2021

In the pitlane - Control Alt Delete

In the Covid -19 world sports sponsorship has taken a pounding with a 23% contraction in the European sponsorship market. New research from..

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7 Apr 2021

In the Pit Lane – 2021 Optimism Required

The 2021 season gets underway with a cracker but with it, all the uncertainty off the track in the Covid-19 world remains. Liberty Media..

30 Mar 2021

In the pitlane - The question remains who owns Williams F1?

Back in August 2020, the F1 world learned that the historic and much-loved Williams team had been sold to American private investment..

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25 Mar 2021

In the pitlane - Amazon in Pole Position

With the updated launch of F1 TV in 85 counties for the 2021 season recently announced the bidding war for F1’s content begins to take..

18 Mar 2021

In the pitlane - Mateschitz makes the tough decisions

As Red Bull announces the formation of Red Bull Powertrains limited is all well in the Red Bull camp? Well on the engine front Helmet Marko..

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23 Feb 2021

In the pitlane - Toto Wolff on the road to billionaire status

As the dust settles on the Lewis Hamilton contract pantomime it is worth remembering there was a delay in the resigning of Toto Wolff as..

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19 Feb 2021

In the pitlane - Who is Dmitry Mazepin?

As F1 digests the arrival of the Mazepin family the question remains, who is Dmitry Mazepin? Mazepin is often described as a Russian..

11 Feb 2021

In the pitlane - Sir Lewis Hamilton’s Dilemma

Feb.6 - So as speculation fills the vacuum that is Lewis Hamilton’s contract negotiations there may be one factor that has been..

7 Feb 2021

In the pitlane - Are the big paydays history?

As the world of F1 awaits news of Lewis Hamilton’s contract signing speculation mounts over his alleged pay demands which has inevitably..

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25 Jan 2021

In the pitlane - United Arab Emirates Get the Chequebook Out

F1’s troubles in Brazil continued with the announcement that the new deal to host the Brazilian race at the Interlagos circuit had been..

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22 Jan 2021

In the pitlane - Lawrence Stroll does it again

Lawrence Stroll seals another deal with Cognizant the Fortune 500 IT services giant becoming the new title sponsor of the Aston Martin F1..

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15 Jan 2021

In the pitlane - Sauber’s Game Plan

F1 commentators were surprised with the announcement that Mick Schumacher had signed for the Haas team instead of what was believed to be..

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7 Jan 2021

In the pitlane - Lights Camera Action

At this time of year, it's good to kick back and watch some great TV and films including offerings from F1 and beyond. Here is a quick..

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29 Dec 2020

In the pitlane - Dr Marko’s year

As 2020 draws to a close it has been another ‘interesting’ year reading Dr Marko’s quotes so let's take a look at the highlights...

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22 Dec 2020

In the pitlane - Show me the money

McLaren Racing announced at last weekend’s Abu Dhabi race that they had agreed to sell a third of the company to a group of United..

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17 Dec 2020

In the pitlane - Vested interests

As the F1 circus leaves Bahrain and heads to Abu Dhabi both countries with poor human rights records F1 tells the world where it stands..

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10 Dec 2020

In the pitlane - Safety doesn’t happen by accident

In Bahrain, the F1 community witnessed the horrific crash of Romain Grosjean and at the same time what only can be described as some sort..

30 Nov 2020


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