engine noise

Aston Martin AMR21​ Engine Fires Up

The AMR21​ engine

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2 Mar 2021

Alfa Romeo C39 Engine Fire-up

1 team. 2 cars. Hundreds of people that make it possible ???? The Alfa Romeo C39 is coming...

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7 Feb 2020

PR people should stop treating F1 fans like idiots

Readers of the Swiss newspaper Blick really do love keeping up to date with the sound of an idling 2.4 litre V6 power unit. How do I know?..

5 Feb 2020

McLaren Unboxed | Speed of Sound | MCL35 in progress

Presented by Klipsch, watch as Carlos joins the McLaren F1 team to hear the sound of the MCL35 firing up for the first

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4 Feb 2020

2020 W11 Mercedes F1 Engine Fire Up!

W11 is ALIVE! Who's ready to light it up this season... ??? F1 2020 is GO!

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28 Jan 2020

The 2019 power unit SF-90 is fired up!

Scuderia Ferrari Mission Winnow has used the main social media channels to preview the new Formula 1 car, due to be launched on 15 February..

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4 Feb 2019

Abiteboul: F1 should not turn up engine volume

Feb.19 - F1 should not be trying to turn up the volume of its 'power units'. Ever since the hybrid era began in 2014, fans have lamented..

19 Feb 2018

V6 Meets B6: Mobil 1 Engine Music feat. Jenson Button

The sweet Mobil 1-lubricated sounds of Jenson's McLaren Mercedes MP4-29 so inspired B6, China's uber EDM DJ, that he used the sounds to..

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30 May 2014

Walker: F1 circuits agreed to push for louder Formula 1

F1 will continue to push for louder engines, according to disgruntled Australian grand prix chief Ron Walker. Last week in Barcelona,..

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19 May 2014

Minardi: Turning up F1's volume is absurd

Minardi has slammed as "absurd" F1's efforts to turn up the volume of the new turbo V6 engines. Mercedes fitted an unseemly,..

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16 May 2014

Rosberg: Megaphone F1 exhaust did not do it

F1's supposed 'sound problem' is going back to the drawing board, following the track debut of the Mercedes 'megaphone'. At the..

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15 May 2014

'Negative' reactions to trumpet F1 exhaust

Mercedes' 'trumpet' exhaust made a questionable debut on Wednesday. "Looks like Mercedes have put a vuvuzela on the back of their car,"..

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14 May 2014

F1 gets first look and sound of Mercedes 'megaphone' exhaust

The world of F1 will hear Mercedes' 'megaphone' exhaust for the first time early on Wednesday. The first images of the metre-long,..

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14 May 2014

Mercedes F1 rivals may block 'megaphone' exhaust

Mercedes' rivals may block the introduction of the 'megaphone' exhaust, according to reports. Already utterly dominating the 2014 season,..

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10 May 2014

Trumpets will tune up F1 sound close to V8

'Megaphone' exhausts will get this year's turbo V6s half-way to the volume of the popular V8s of last season. At the post-race Spanish..

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9 May 2014

Mercedes to test 'megaphone' next week

Mercedes will test a new 'megaphone' exhaust next week, not during Friday practice for the Spanish grand prix. It had been claimed the..

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9 May 2014

Mercedes to use megaphone exhaust during practice

Mercedes is preparing to show off a louder engine note during the Spanish grand prix weekend. Early this week, team chief Toto Wolff..

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8 May 2014

Wolff: Mercedes unhappy with megaphone engine noise fix

One proposed solution to the sound problem in formula one this year is a "megaphone"-style exhaust. The news was revealed by Toto Wolff, a..

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5 May 2014

Canada F1 GP chief happy with new F1 sound

Canadian grand prix promoter Francois Dumontier doesn't mind the new and milder sound of formula one. Earlier in 2014, Australian grand..

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1 May 2014

Italian company helps to turn up F1 noise

Formula one is pushing ahead with efforts to make its new V6 engines louder. After decades of screaming, naturally-aspirated V12s, V10s and..

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30 Apr 2014

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