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Carey wants more German teams in F1

Jul.20 - F1 CEO Chase Carey says he wants more German carmakers to join the category. Not just that, the American - who now runs the sport..

20 Jul 2017

McLaren team rejects BMW rumours

Feb.6 - McLaren has dismissed rumours linking the British team with a potential F1 tie-up with German manufacturer BMW. McLaren's current..

6 Feb 2017

McLaren-BMW deal sparks F1 rumours

Feb.3 - F1 journalists are wondering if McLaren's works relationship with Honda could be on unsteady ground. The British team made progress..

3 Feb 2017

Boss confirms no F1 return for BMW

Oct.17 - BMW has confirmed reports that F1 is definitely out of the short-term picture for the German carmaker. We reported recently that,..

17 Oct 2016

BMW decides against F1 return

Sep.28 - German carmaker BMW has made clear it is content for now outside of formula one. "They walked out of formula one seven years ago..

28 Sep 2016

Mercedes wants BMW & Audi in F1

Mercedes would like to go head-to-head in F1 with Germany's other two premium carmaker brands. That is the claim of Daimler CEO Dieter..

1 Dec 2014

BMW & Ford considering F1 return

BMW and Ford could each be eyeing a return to formula one, according to reports. The BMW rumour has been triggered by comments made by..

11 Apr 2014

BMW BT52 Turbo F1 car back alive!

Brought to you by: https://www.f1-fansite.com The first turbo-fueled championship winning car in 1983 Formula 1 season, driven by Nelson..

8 Aug 2013

BMW rejects comeback F1 rumours

BMW has hit back at Bernie Ecclestone's claim the German carmaker might be looking to return to formula one. Off the back of Honda's..

20 May 2013

F1 rumours: BMW in for comeback & Toyota says no

Bernie Ecclestone thinks German carmaker BMW might follow Honda back into formula one. Japanese manufacturer Honda announced last Thursday..

20 May 2013

BMW rules out F1 in 'medium term'

Sep.4 (GMM) BMW has ruled out returning to formula one in the "medium term"."There are currently no plans," said the German carmaker's..

4 Sep 2012

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