Mar.23 - Pirelli has reiterated its interest in remaining Formula 1's sole tyre supplier behind 2024.

Early this month, we reported that the sport's governing body was poised to launch the mandatory tender process for the 2025, 2026, 2027 and possibly 2028 seasons.

"Obviously the decision is not in our hands," we quoted Pirelli's F1 boss Mario Isola as saying, "but we are happy with our presence in Formula 1 and we want to continue."

This week, the FIA confirmed the tender process, revealing that the design of the tyres will remain largely the same - but the successful applicant will also be judged on its commitment to sustainability.

"The tender will require potential suppliers to supply an analysis of the environmental impact of the tyres used in Formula 1, and the successful bid will need to demonstrate best practice and innovation when considering the complete life cycle of the tyres," the Paris based federation said.

And now, Pirelli has become the first and for now the only tyre manufacturer to confirm its "interest" in taking part in the tender process.

"The framework described by the FIA is closely aligned to Pirelli's motorsport strategy and so is of great interest," the Italian company confirmed.

"A definitive decision about Pirelli's participation in the selection process will naturally be taken after a detailed examination of the FIA's document."

Pirelli has been F1's sole tyre supplier since 2011.

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3 F1 Fan comments on “Tyre sustainability to be key factor in F1 tender process

  1. Oldtwit

    As much as I’d like several firms involved I can see that F1 is only interested in how much it can get, so really I bet behind the scenes it will be about money, just as everything in F1 is today.

    • shroppyfly

      yeah usually id agree if it was liberty but surely the contracts with Fia , having competition usually bumps the price up, so wouldn't it be in fia or liberty's best interests to have two suppliers, but heh i'm no contract person Torgers the one for contracts, as an old employer said to me once ahhh contracts are for divorces not marriages


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