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Schumacher News update after Tuesday's press conference

Doctors treating Michael Schumacher report a 'slight improvement' in his condition. He has been operated for the second time this..

31 Dec 2013

World holds breath for Tuesday's Schumacher news

More information about Michael Schumacher's fight for life after his skiing accident will be forthcoming on Tuesday. The SID news agency..

31 Dec 2013

Razia: Da Costa deserves F1 seat more than Kvyat

Antonio Felix da Costa deserved to move up to formula one in 2014. That is the view of Brazilian driver Luiz Razia, who almost secured the..

31 Dec 2013

Schumacher fights an hour by hour battle for his life

Michael Schumacher continues to fight for his life "hour by hour" after a high speed skiing crash. The day after the German's helmeted head..

30 Dec 2013

Schumacher updates after injury ski accident

Michael Schumacher has been injured while skiing in France, media reports said on Sunday. The incident occurred off-piste at the Meribel..

30 Dec 2013

Alonso: Only 'normal' car will prove Vettel's legend status

Sebastian Vettel will only be an undisputed F1 "legend" if he wins at the wheel of a less competitive car. That is the view of Fernando..

30 Dec 2013

Massa: I was as fast as Alonso in 2013

Felipe Massa insists he was "as fast, if not faster" than Fernando Alonso in qualifying trim this year. Ultimately, the Brazilian scored..

30 Dec 2013

Prost: New F1 turbo era fascinates me

Alain Prost has admitted he would like to still be a formula one driver, ahead of the switch to radical new engine rules for 2014. The..

30 Dec 2013

Schumacher fights life and death skiing fall

Michael Schumacher is fighting for his life in a hospital in France. The seven time world champion, who retired from F1 for the second time..

30 Dec 2013

Tech Bites: Seat-Fitting in the C33 - Sauber F1 Team

Have you ever seen an F1 seat-fitting? No? Then watch this video! Exclusive footage of Adrian Sutil's seat-fitting in Hinwil, first sneak..

29 Dec 2013

Double points F1 rule supported by Todt & Lauda

Not everyone in formula one is opposed to the sport's new 'double points' innovation. In fact, even the president of F1's governing FIA is..

27 Dec 2013

Ecclestone: Red Bull's dominance won't kill them

Bernie Ecclestone is not worried Red Bull's run of dominance will drive the brand out of formula one. The energy drink company's premier F1..

27 Dec 2013

Vergne: Webber got tired Vettel's winning

Mark Webber quit formula one because he got tired of being beaten by teammate Sebastian Vettel. That is the claim of Jean-Eric Vergne, who..

27 Dec 2013

Ecclestone: Ferrari 'not necessarily' good next team for Vettel

Sebastian Vettel has been voted sportsman of the year by European news agencies. Organised by the Polish news agency PAP, 21 European..

27 Dec 2013

McLaren could launch orange 2014 car

McLaren could launch its 2014 car with an orange livery, according to an Italian media report. Omnicorse claims the famous British team..

24 Dec 2013

Son of Carlos Sainz on road to F1

Carlos Sainz jr could be the next rookie in line for a Red Bull-powered step into formula one. For 2014, it was expected that Antonio Felix..

24 Dec 2013

Salo defends Pirelli after Rosberg blowout

Former F1 driver Mika Salo has defended the sport's official tyre supplier Pirelli, after the latest round of negativity surrounding the..

24 Dec 2013

F1 cooperation with Renault ruled out by Mercedes

Mercedes has ruled out cooperating with Renault in the development of its all-new turbo V6 engines for formula one. On the road-car side,..

24 Dec 2013

Montezemolo: James Allison is best technical boss since Brawn

James Allison is Ferrari's best technical director since Ross Brawn. That is the view of the Italian team's president Luca di Montezemolo,..

24 Dec 2013

Sirotkin claimes Friday F1 practice for Russian GP

Sergey Sirotkin says he has "no doubt" he will drive a Sauber at his inaugural home grand prix in Russia next year. It was expected a race..

24 Dec 2013

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