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Todt distances FIA from football scandals

Jan.18 - Jean Todt has moved to distance F1's governing body from the sort of scandals that have gripped the world of football. Fifa (world..

18 Jan 2016

Todt: F1 'close' to engine solution

Jan.16 - Jean Todt says he is confident F1 is moving towards a solution on the thorny topic of engines. The manufacturers had been given a..

16 Jan 2016

Ecclestone thinks Todt should 'step back' from F1

Dec.9 - Bernie Ecclestone thinks FIA president Jean Todt should step back from the front line in formula one. According to the BBC, an..

9 Dec 2015

FIA gives Ecclestone 'mandate' to fix F1

Dec.3 - F1's governing body on Wednesday empowered Bernie Ecclestone and Jean Todt to take charge of "a number of pressing issues in..

3 Dec 2015

Todt plays down Hamilton's road car crash

Nov.15 - The FIA will not strip Lewis Hamilton of his role as an ambassador for road safety. Last week, the triple world champion drove his..

15 Nov 2015

Todt: No minute of silence for Paris victims

Nov.15 - F1's French president of the FIA, Jean Todt, has come under fire for making controversial comments about the terrorist attacks in..

15 Nov 2015

Todt: Weekend format not changing for now

Nov.5 - F1 has for now ruled out tweaking the race weekend format. As the sport looks to beef and speed up in the next couple of years,..

5 Nov 2015

Todt not worried Lotus-Renault deal to collapse

Nov.1 - Jean Todt has played down fears Renault's planned takeover of the embattled Lotus team could fall through. It is now over a month..

1 Nov 2015

Todt comes out fighting on rare F1 visit

Nov.1 - On a rare visit to the F1 paddock, Jean Todt admitted he has "concerns" and is working hard on some of the sport's current issues...

1 Nov 2015

Red Bull eyes Todt's help amid engine crisis

Nov.1 - Red Bull is now looking to the most powerful man in motor racing to help solve its engine supply crisis. Just as Red Bull magnate..

1 Nov 2015

Todt: Engine manufacturers 'not interested' in reducing costs

Oct.20 - The only real problem with today's engine regulations is the cost, according to FIA president Jean Todt. In a joint interview with..

20 Oct 2015

Todt willing to help solve Red Bull crisis

Oct.19 - Jean Todt has not ruled out getting involved to help keep Red Bull in formula one. The current FIA president is regularly..

19 Oct 2015

Todt defends F1's Le Mans clash for 2016

Oct.7 - FIA president Jean Todt has defended a controversial clash on next year's F1 calendar. A re-jig of the Bernie Ecclestone-authored..

7 Oct 2015

Todt tells Ecclestone to keep criticism quiet

Jun.30 - Jean Todt has urged Bernie Ecclestone to keep quiet about formula one's problems. Ecclestone, the F1 supremo, has been the..

30 Jun 2015

Ecclestone says he and Todt could impose change

Jun.26 - Bernie Ecclestone says he could step in now and fix formula one's problems, so long as FIA president Jean Todt is also on board...

26 Jun 2015

Mosley: F1 might benefit from FIA intervention

Jun.18 - F1 might benefit from the greater involvement of FIA president Jean Todt. That is the view of Max Mosley, Todt's immediate..

18 Jun 2015

Report: Todt visits Ferrari

Jun.15 - FIA president Jean Todt made a visit to Maranello last Friday. That is the claim of the well-known Ferrari media insider Leo..

15 Jun 2015

Todt: No corruption scandal in F1

Jun.8 - F1 will not suffer the same sort of scandal that is currently gripping the world of football. That is the claim of FIA president..

8 Jun 2015

Todt: No crisis in formula one

May 26 - FIA president Jean Todt has denied the need to radically shake up formula one. The overwhelming message from the F1 paddock in..

26 May 2015

Todt unhurt in Nepal earthquake

FIA president Jean Todt has emerged unscathed from a massive earthquake that killed thousands in Nepal on Saturday. The Frenchman was..

28 Apr 2015

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