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Wolff: Motor racing needs more minimum age rules

May 23 - Toto Wolff thinks the world of premier motor racing might need to revisit the issue of driver age, following an enormous crash at..

23 May 2016

New 'halo' version to be tested in Monaco

May 15 - The 'halo' and 'aeroscreen' cockpit protection concepts will both be tested ahead of the Monaco Grand Prix later this month. The..

15 May 2016

Massa opposed to visor tear-off ban

May 13 - Felipe Massa says he does not support the FIA's forthcoming ban on discarding helmet visor tear-offs on the track. Actually, the..

13 May 2016

Report: Cockpit shield may be delayed until 2018

May 4 - The introduction of cockpit-mounted head protection may need to wait until 2018, according to a report in Germany's Auto Motor und..

4 May 2016

FIA determined amid head protection opposition

May 1 - F1 is pressing ahead with radical cockpit protection even though the sport's chief executive is opposed. "I don't like it," Bernie..

1 May 2016

Ricciardo: ‘Screen was fine’

Daniel Ricciardo admitted today that the aeroscreen head protection system he used in free practice in Russia gave him maximum visibility...

29 Apr 2016

FIA confirms 'Aeroscreen' under consideration

Apr.29 - The FIA has now confirmed that Red Bull's 'Aeroscreen' concept is in the running to be introduced in formula one. Daniel Ricciardo..

29 Apr 2016

Hulkenberg prefers Red Bull 'aeroscreen'

Apr.28 - Red Bull will debut its windshield-style head protection concept on Friday morning at Sochi. The cockpit-mounted solution,..

29 Apr 2016

The Aeroscreen: Static Test - F1 Wheel @ 225kph

We bring you the Aeroscreen static tests, following its debut on Daniel Ricciardo's car at the 2016 Russian Grand Prix. The first test, a..

29 Apr 2016

Button & Alonso critical of F1 officials

Apr.17 - Senior drivers Jenson Button and Fernando Alonso were critical of F1's management in Shanghai on Saturday. First, 17-year veteran..

17 Apr 2016

Red Bull drivers try 'halo' alternative

Apr.1 - Daniel Ricciardo and Daniil Kvyat have tried a mock-up of Red Bull's alternative to the 'halo' cockpit protection concept. Unlike..

1 Apr 2016

FIA doctors must green-light Alonso return

Mar.30 - Fernando Alonso will not be cleared to race in Bahrain this weekend until a meeting with FIA doctors on Thursday. Following the..

30 Mar 2016

Marko: Red Bull 'halo' alternative keeps F1 DNA

Mar.23 - Red Bull's alternative to the 'halo' cockpit protection concept would be better for crashes like those suffered by Fernando Alonso..

23 Mar 2016

'Sore' Alonso goes home as halo debate returns

Mar.22 - The controversial 'halo' concept is once again a talking point in F1 circles, following Fernando Alonso's huge crash in Australia...

22 Mar 2016

Alonso wears bandage day after crash

Mar.21 - Fernando Alonso was wearing a bandage on his knee and a grimace on Monday when he bumped into Blick correspondent Roger Benoit at..

21 Mar 2016

Alonso thanks FIA after horror F1 crash

Mar.20 - Fernando Alonso escaped with little more than a sore knee after a terrifying crash during the Australian grand prix. "I'm fine,"..

20 Mar 2016

Villeneuve: 'Afraid' drivers should quit F1

Mar.18 - Jacques Villeneuve has slammed F1 drivers who are calling loudly for the introduction of the 'halo' cockpit protection system. The..

18 Mar 2016

Whiting plays down Red Bull's 'halo' alternative

Mar.18 - F1's governing body is determined to push ahead with the controversial 'halo' cockpit protection system. That is despite not only..

18 Mar 2016

FIA: 'Halo' decision must be made soon

Mar.11 - Time is running short for F1 to introduce better cockpit protection for 2017. The FIA is pushing to put the controversial 'halo'..

11 Mar 2016

Surtees: Hamilton should re-think 'halo' stance

Mar.10 - F1 veterans have revealed they disagree with reigning world champion Lewis Hamilton's stance about the 'halo' cockpit cage slated..

10 Mar 2016

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