OK. We won't be entirely avoiding the events of Abu Dhabi - but there's still lots to talk about when we look back at F1 in 2021. In a new three-part video series, Peter Windsor responds to questions and comments from you, the viewer.

Part 1 topics include the mid-season Pirelli tyre construction change that seemed to favour Mercedes; the various ways that the F1 show could be improved without changing the cars and the qualifying/race formats; and the need to create more F1 drivers from crucial regions like the USA, India and Asia.

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6 F1 Fan comments on “Less on Abu Dhabi (1/3) by Peter Windsor

  1. ReallyOldRacer

    Windsor is always interesting and insightful but he gives we fans far too much credit. Mostly we don't give a rat's ass about technical innovation, it's about close racing. Also, he has a jaundiced opinion of what will light up the US fanbase. An excellent American driver in a boring series will get less attention than a barely good driver in a wheel banger.

    • Nobodysperfect

      Well I'm an engineer myself and also really liked the technical innovations of the past. It's a pitty F1 is going after the big money again and lost it's core values. If you ask me the driver aids are far to much. I want raw racing, just take away all buttons from the steeringwheel and even drop the radio. Let the driver figure it out himself what to do. Than we will know very soon who's the best driver.

      • shroppyfly

        then the fw14b from williams must have been the beginning of the end for you NP, its also a generational thing isn't it, we all drive cars, well most of us with semi automatic boxes, that was an f1 innovation wasn't it i think ?

        it is what it is, as a certain person says

        • Nobodysperfect

          Yep, I really love the onboards of Senna around Monaco with the good old gearstick in his right hand and steering with his lefthand (1991?).

          Oldschool racing is so much better to watch. You want to see things you can't do yourself. Just take away all 'comfort', so drivers will make much more errors.

          The same for the data analysis. Nowawadays there are more software engineers than technical engineers in the garage!


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