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F2 fatality no risk for Spa F1 future

Spa Francorchamps will make circuit modifications before F1’s return to Belgium in 2020. The news comes as both Belgian authorities..

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3 Sep 2019

FIA to give more warnings before penalties

F1’s governing body will apparently use new measures to warn drivers on track about the risk of penalties. Since the issuing of some..

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1 Sep 2019

FIA looked into Hamilton’s shutdown comments

F1’s governing body looked into whether Mercedes broke the rules during the recent mandatory August shutdown. During the summer..

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31 Aug 2019

Masi clears Hockenheimring after wet race crashes

F1 race director has cleared Hockenheim of blame for much of the carnage seen during the wet German GP. Top drivers including Charles..

30 Jul 2019

Masi: FIA not more lenient at Silverstone

FIA stewards were not more lenient than usual during the recent British GP, according to race director Michael Masi. Hailed as one of the..

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22 Jul 2019

Perez welcomes new gravel at Silverstone

Sergio Pérez has welcomed the addition of new gravel traps at Silverstone. Amid ongoing debates about asphalt run-off areas that do not..

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12 Jul 2019

Masi: F1 could change rules for 2020

F1 race director Michael Masi says the sport’s authorities could consider changes to the sporting regulations for 2020. The time..

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27 Jun 2019

Masi to again replace Whiting in Bahrain

Michael Masi will once again replace F1’s late race director Charlie Whiting this weekend in Bahrain. Whiting, also the sport’s..

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28 Mar 2019

More than one candidate for Whiting’s job

There is more than one candidate to replace the late F1 race director Charlie Whiting. In Melbourne, where Whiting passed away in his hotel..

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17 Mar 2019

Steiner: Teams to ‘support’ FIA after Whiting death

It will be almost “impossible” for F1 to replace Charlie Whiting. Whiting, the sport’s long-serving FIA race director and..

15 Mar 2019

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